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YouTube Marketing: the essential tenet of Digital Marketing

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YouTube, for a very long time, was considered as an app used for recreational purposes. Watching videos and passing time was the gist of the entire website. With the introduction of smartphones, people got the facility of the internet on the phone, and apps like YouTube, Facebook could be used on the go.

As smartphones became popular and now most everyone has one, the world starting spending all of their time on the internet. The lives of people became digital and it was only natural for businesses to become digitized as well. To reach and expand their markets, businesses started digitizing their operations, most specifically, marketing. These marketing strategies are now applied to various social media platforms to increase profitable customer response.

After research, it was concluded that the most consumed form of content, is visual/video form content. To cater to these demands, the creation of videos has reached an all-time high, and which better place to upload them, than YouTube.

Ease of Discovery

As diverse and variated YouTube is, the algorithm offers the ease of discovery to creators and businesses. Whenever we watch a specific video, there are suggestions showing other videos related to the one being watched. Creators can easily reach their potential clients and have the opportunity to attract as many new viewers and potential customers as possible.

Interactive Medium

Every video form of content is interactive and engaging, making it the preferable form of content. The one criterion that makes YouTube so popular and user-friendly is its huge directory of content that is available for the entire demographic. From videos for toddlers to old songs now lost elsewhere, almost everything can be found on YouTube. While catering to such a large audience, marketers have the opportunity to endorse their products at a grander scale.

Building Loyalty with the Audience

Since video form content is the most preferable and consumed, it is understood that the audience finds this content more trustworthy and engaging at the same time. Big brands like Nike, Amazon, Apple create ads for YouTube to create a base of followers, leading to the creation of customers, and loyalty amongst them. Another facet of this is influencers. Influencers these days have become brand ambassadors for several brands. The followers of these influencers will be inclined towards those products that are endorsed by them in their videos. They have loyalty towards said influencer, thus increases profitable customer response. 

In Conclusion: Videos are interactive, engaging, and have greater influencing powers. In this article, we discussed YouTube Marketing as an essential tenet of digital marketing.

About the Author: Madhu Bansal is a social media executive and expert. She is known for handling the social media accounts of big businesses and professionals. Madhu works as a guest lecturer at DelhiCourse.in, best & affordable  digital marketing institute in Delhi

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