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Y2Mate: YouTube Video Download, Review and Security Check

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There are several YouTube downloaders accessible online. Y2Mate is one such amazing option for all users. Users of well-known video-sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. may convert and download high-quality music and video files in a variety of media file formats, including MP3, MP4, FLV, and others, using Y2Mate.

The handy online downloader is also claimed by Y2Mate.com. It has these characteristics:

  • High-speed video converter with limitless downloads and perpetual free access
  • There is no need to register.
  • Assistance with downloading in all formats


Using Y2Mate to download videos is simple. All you have to do is:

  • Click the Start button after pasting the video URL into the designated box.
  • Find the file type and quality you desire, then click the Download button after processing the video link.
  • Once more, click the Download button.
  • There will be a download of the audio or video. Once the download is complete, you may locate it on your computer and begin using it.



A superb video downloader, it appears. But is using it safe?

Y2Mate security

When used this internet downloader to download videos, something strange was discovered: after clicking the download button, the downloader took to a dubious website.

On Y2Mate even though you received what you wanted, there are still some concerns. On safeweb.norton.com, some additional people have unpleasant things to say about Y2Mate:


  • Avoid pressing the notification buttons. They are virus-like.
  • Very useful, but use caution. It is a really useful resource for YouTube video downloads. 
  • Be cautious, though, as occasionally clicking on anything might take you to a website that could be dangerous. 
  • There is nothing detrimental about the downloads from the website in and of itself.
  • Not secure. JSCoinminner Website attack is included on this page.

We might thus draw three conclusions about
Y2Mate insecurity:

  • On the Y2Mate website, several dubious advertisements appear. By accidentally clicking them, malware or potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) will be downloaded immediately.
  • The sponsored links on the Y2Mate website may take you to surveys, online games, and pornographic material.
  • When the aforementioned situations occur, horrible things might be coming. For instance, your device’s information will be tracked, personal information for identity theft will be gathered, and this results in financial loss.
  • Other internet video downloaders exist in addition to Y2Mate, including YMP4, Flvto, YouTubetoMp3, and others. The aforementioned issues also exist with these internet video downloaders. Be cautious when using them.



How Can Viruses and PUAs Be Removed?

After utilizing Y2Mate to download videos, are you getting constant alerts or discovering undesirable programs on your computer? If so, please adhere to the guidance listed below to safeguard your computer:

  • Stop those intrusive alerts from appearing.
  • Get rid of such undesirable programs.
  • Scan the system.
  • Terminate Notifications

The guide on how to stop getting alerts in Chrome is available here.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome and then choose the menu icon (three dots) in the right upper corner of the browser.

Step 2: From the Google Chrome menu, select Settings.

Step 3: On the Chrome://settings website, type notifications into the search field and press the Enter key.

Step 4: The Site Settings option will be selected under the Privacy and Security section. Increase it.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the current page to find the Notifications option.

Step 6: Locate https://www.Y2Mate.com:443 on the Notifications page by scrolling down. Next, prevent website notifications by 

You won’t get alerts from the blacklisted website anymore.



Get rid of unwanted programs

After utilizing Y2Mate on Windows 10, let’s look at how to get rid of PUAs.


Step 1: To open the Control Panel, type “Control Panel” into the Windows search box and press the Enter key.

Step 2: Select the Programmes and Features option after opening the Control Panel and changing the display mode to Large Icons.

Step 3: Look through the list of installed programs in the Programmes and Features pane to determine if there is a suspicious program. If so, choose the program and then choose Uninstall from the menu.


Up till all suspicious programs are deleted, repeat the aforementioned steps.

Scan your system

Run a system scan immediately after completing the aforementioned tasks to eliminate any remaining risks. You may launch the Windows Defender built-in antivirus program to finish the system check.

Step 1: To launch Windows Defender Security Centre, type Windows Defender into the Windows search box and press Enter.

Step 2: On the Windows Defender Security Centre window, select the Virus & Threat Prevention option.

Step 3: Press the Quick Scan button to launch a computer scan using the program.


As the program finishes scanning, wait.

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Safe Y2Mate Substitution: MiniTool Video Converter

How can YouTube videos be downloaded securely? Or is there a Y2Mate substitute available? A desktop YouTube downloader like MiniTool Video Converter can be useful.

A Windows-based program called MiniTool Video Converter enables you to rapidly download and convert YouTube audio and video files in high-quality to MP3/WAV/MP4/WebM formats as well as download YouTube playlists and video subtitles. More significantly, it is a free YouTube downloader and video converter that is 100% clean and safe with no advertisements.

The MiniTool Video Converter’s home page

The entire download procedure for MiniTool Video Converter is straightforward. Follow the wizard below.

Step 1: Click the following button to start downloading MiniTool Video Converter.

Step 2: To install the program, locate the downloaded file on your computer when the downloading procedure is complete.

Step 3: To install the program, follow the on-screen instructions. When the program launches, you may begin downloading YouTube videos.

Step 4: Click the menu button on the program interface to change the save location.

Go to the menu and choose Settings.

To modify the saving location, select Browse under the Download tab.

To validate the modification, press the OK button.

Step 5: After returning to the software’s main interface, copy and paste the video URL into the link box next to the Video Download tab. Next, select the download icon located to the right of the link bar.


Step 6: Hold off until the program has finished parsing the video connection. You’ll see a popup with a list of several media file types in varying quality. Select your favorite to download the video and click the DOWNLOAD option.

You can enjoy the downloaded file after the process is complete. Try using the built-in Video Converter tool in MiniTool Video Converter if you want to convert the downloaded file to a different format.

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Y2Mate Security: Conclusion

You may download videos from well-known sites with the aid of Y2Mate, but there are certain security dangers. Please avoid clicking anything that seems strange when using it.

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