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Why VPS Ecuador is the Right Call for Small Businesses?

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With the increased demand for Online Products in Ecuador, every business, be it Small or Large needs to start selling online. But since establishing an Online Store requires extra investment and technical knowledge, sometimes small businesses fear taking that path. Further, due to slow speed, website crashes, or poor security of websites, businesses suffer through loss and poor brand image. 

Well, no more you need a huge investment or additional technical knowledge. We have brought the best solution through which Small Businesses in Ecuador can achieve super fast speed and smooth functioning of the business. 

A major part of investment while building a website goes into web hosting and if you pick Dedicated Server it completely burns out your pocket. The best pick for Small Businesses is VPS Ecuador which comes at an affordable price and serves the benefits of a Dedicated Server. 

Read this article and learn why VPS Hosting Ecuador is the right call for Small Businesses! 

Why Small Businesses must choose VPS Ecuador over Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting comes at a very reasonable price then why not choose it over VPS Ecuador? If you also have this question in mind then read the points given below –

  • In Shared Hosting a few dozen people are sharing the same server. So, each website gets limited resources which slow down the loading speed and performance.
  • The Shared Environment leads to the influence of one website on another. So, if one or two websites have a traffic surge, it slows down other websites’ speed.
  • The risk to your data is very high over a Shared Server. Due to a common CPU, the security breach encountered by a neighbor may risk other websites’ data too. 
  • You can’t install additional software over your server. Since you don’t get root-level access in Shared Hosting.
  • It comes at a cheap price but may cause a bad impact on your sales and revenue.

How to Find the Best VPS Provider in Ecuador?

After knowing the various drawbacks of Shared Hosting, you must have decided to avoid it for hosting your small business. But even if you choose VPS Hosting Ecuador you will need a reliable and experienced web host. Our web hosting experts did some research and found the Best VPS Provider in Ecuador for you. 

But let’s first see the qualities you must look into a VPS Host –

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Large RAM and Bandwidth
  • DDoS Protection
  • SSD Disk Drives
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Regular Backup
  • Option to Pick Operating System
  • Option for Scalability
  • Custom Configurations
  • Additional Features (Free setup, SSL Certificate, additional tools)

Serverwala provides all the above-mentioned features with its Ecuador VPS Hosting. From highest uptime to ultimate security your website will perform at its best with its hosting plan. Serverwala provides web hosting services across different parts of the world and has also won some popular web hosting awards for its best-in-class services. Additionally, if any time you need technical support for your server their support team is available round the clock. 

What are the benefits of hosting your Small Business over Ecuador VPS?

Using Ecuador VPS your Small Business can achieve various benefits. They are as follows –

Save Money

For Small Businesses every penny spent matters. And most small business owners could not afford Dedicated Server due to its highly expensive price. Therefore VPS Ecuador is extremely useful for websites, both in terms of price and features. It offers an independent server similar to a Dedicated Server but at a pocket-friendly price. 

Easily Scale the Resources

With VPS Hosting your server resources can be easily expanded. Unlike Shared Hosting, in VPS the resources are granted to a single website, to be easily upgraded as per your business requirements. As the business flourishes the need for resources increases and VPS Allows you to meet the growing needs by easily scaling the RAM, Bandwidth, etc.  

Highly Reliable than Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting in Ecuador is much more reliable than Shared Hosting. There are numerous users over a Shared Server and the resources are common to all. So, the speed and performance are highly affected during peak times. 

For businesses, slow speed and downtime could be a big drawback. You may lose your target customers and revenue. Hence, small businesses must choose an affordable independent server, i.e, VPS Hosting. It ensures the high uptime of your website and provides the highest reliability to your customers. 

High Data Security

The growth of online businesses has brought numerous benefits to customers but has also increased the risk to data security. While purchasing online customers provide their sensitive data to businesses, which has to be stored under high security. In Shared Hosting the risk to confidential information is very high. 

Hence, businesses must opt for a secured hosting platform that comes with VPS Hosting. Firstly in VPS, the server is only yours, so it is safe from bad neighbors. Secondly, the web hosts secure your virtual servers through DDoS, Firewalls, Malware Scanning, etc. 

Highest Level of Control

If you are a developer or have the technical skill to manage your server then you must look for Root Control. Using it you can install extra tools, plugins, and software, other than those your web host has provided. It will help in better management of your business. 


All the above-given points were evident that VPS Ecuador could be a great choice for businesses in the long run. It provides a cost-effective platform with speed and flexibility which enhances the performance of a business. With VPS Hosting, Small Businesses no longer need to compromise with the quality of web hosting due to their tight budget. 

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