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Which Laptop Should I Buy? Here’re the Things You Should Look

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It is important to choose a laptop based on your specific needs and requirements.  Here are a few considerations that will help you select the best laptop India has to offer, for your specific needs. Keep them in mind while browsing laptop specifications.


RAM determines how smoothly and quickly you can switch between different programs and applications. For basic Microsoft Office type tasks, internet, email and video streaming, a 4GB RAM should suffice. If you use your laptop for heavier functions like design or gaming, you will most likely need a higher RAM size. 

Internal Storage

You can get a laptop with either an SSD or HDD, and you can choose one depending on your budget. Laptops with SSDs are lighter, faster, and are relatively more expensive than laptops with HDD storage.


Intel processors ate the most common and the most reputed. AMD Ryzen processors are also being seen in some of the best laptops it offers, and are also witnessing good feedback on discussion boards. 


Do you want a mini laptop or just a regular laptop? How much do you move about with your laptop? In a trade-off between lightweight and a large screen, which would you choose? Remember the best laptop in India for another person might not necessarily be so for you, if it is not convenient. 


Most experts say that you should not settle for anything less than 1980 x 1080 display resolution. This is true if you use your laptop for tasks where the laptop’s display matters. If all you use your laptop for is email and Microsoft Word or Excel, then display is clearly not a factor for you. 

Gaming Laptops

If you expect your laptop to offer a full-fledged gaming experience, then you’re definitely looking at much higher RAM, minimum 1TB storage and a good graphics processing unit as part of your laptop specs. 

Keep this list handy to select the best laptop for your needs.

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