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Which JBL Speaker Should You Buy?

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Great that you have finally decided to buy a JBL speaker. There are a plethora of choices for you because JBL never fails to astound you. When going speaker shopping, there are a few things you must consider: sound clarity, bass, depth of sound, range of sound, and more. You can consider JBL speaker as an all-inclusive option. JBL has it all for you. 

You will get ultra-chic vibrant Bluetooth speakers, spectacular part speakers, soundbars, home theatres, and more. JBL speakers are perfect for rough usage which is why people love the ultra-portable designs, sleek finish, and of course the sound quality. 

Here are some of the best JBL speakers, you can get your hands on to make life melodious.

JBL Flip 5: 

Your search for a waterproof speaker is over. Now, party hard along the poolside without worrying about your JBL speaker getting wet and broken. The powerful bass is truly mind-boggling, and the design is super sexy. You will also get a spread of colors to choose from with different trendy prints on them. Hit the road this winter with this travel buddy by your side. 

This JBL speaker sports a party-boost feature which means you can easily pair it with more JBL speakers nearby to augment the sound effect around the poolside. The battery can survive up to 12 hours straight. So, enjoy your party uninterrupted for 12 hours. 

JBL BoomBox 2: 

If you can spare a little bit of money, JBL BoomBox 2 is for you. The unparalleled sound quality will wake up the party animal inside you. Your eternal thirst for volume and bass will be quenched adequately with a mesmerizing performance of this champ. One downside is: this BoomBox 2 is not travel-friendly. Yes, this speaker is heavy but it does come with a handle. 

This JBL speaker is an outstanding option for making beachside and poolside parties happen. The battery runs for 24 hours at a stretch. Can you party hard for 24 hrs straight? If yes, go for this one straight away. Moreover, the Speaker is equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth technology support. So, you can pair it with your music streaming devices such as mobile phone, HD TV, laptop, tabs, and more to enjoy music. You can also pair it up with other JBL speakers.

JBL Go 3: 

If you want to buy a budget-friendly travel buddy, JBL Go 3 is ready to accompany you. The speaker is waterproof as well as dustproof. So, rocky usage? Not a problem at all. This power-packed JBL speaker is not a meek performer, nope. Don’t be misled by its size because this pocket-size speaker performs like a boss. Yes, this little guy is amazingly loud. You can listen to music while riding your bike, play romantic music while having a candlelight dinner with your treasured one, or make your small house parties rocking with this rock-solid JBL Go 3. The longevity will spellbind you. 

However, the battery life is a bit of a problem. The speaker can run for 5 hours on a single charge. If you are okay with charging it every day, this speaker is a pretty decent option you can get within budget. 

JBL Link Portable: 

To add to your excitement, JBL has brought forth its new portable speaker collection equipped with voice control. A Hands-free and high-tech option is here for you. The internet connectivity is superb. So, you can play music from online music applications such as Spotify, Wynk music, Apple Music, and more. No need to connect it with your smartphone or smart TV. 

This speaker comes with a charging cradle. Once fully charged, this JBL speaker can run for eight hours. There are more attractive options from JBL speakers, such as the JBL Pulse 4 sporting a light show feature, incredible, no? So, buy your intelligent speaker today with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card and reap the benefits of the no-cost EMI scheme.

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