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Which is the Best School in Noida for Class Nursery?

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Though selecting a nursery School in Noida for your child may seem overwhelming with a multitude of information available online and offline, it is an easy task if you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

You might find yourself divided between quality education and building facilities and what to prioritize; however, it is challenging for parents looking for the best nursery school for their child with a perfect mix of both. Thus, it would be best to compare different nursery schools and understand their curriculum and environment before going ahead with your child’s admission. 

Parents must also consult other parents to have practical insights on specific schools. It would be best if you also considered the school’s distance from your home or office. It certainly would help if you considered several factors before admitting your child to a nursery school. There are several nursery schools in Noida, and the most famous ones are given below. 

Global Indian International School

GIIS Noida is one of the most famous schools in terms of its education and facilities. This institution can be the best nursery school for your child as it provides individual attention to every student. Being an international school, GIIS also promotes a diverse environment for the students to grow. GIIS Noida has the most significant international base of students in the Delhi-Noida area due to the quality of education and assists children with overall development. Thus, the school helps students develop a more inclusive attitude and get rid of their biases from a young age. 

Since this is an international school, it offers a globally recognized IB degree at higher classes. This play school in Noida is also efficient in developing several skills amongst the students from a young age.

Amity Noida 

Amity Noida is one of the top-rated schools in Noida and a favorite amongst parents admitting their children to Nursery. The school has highly trained and experienced faculty who help in the overall development of the children. Amity offers a highly advanced academic infrastructure that ensures a high education quality. Playschool students in Amity Noida generally learn more and are more competent compared to other nursery schools. Parents also need not worry about changing their child’s school later as this school offers education up to class 12. 

DPS Noida

DPS Noida is a co-ed school that is affiliated with the CBSE Board. This school in Noida is known for its academic excellence and offers education up to class 12. DPS Noida is one of the most preferred schools because of its highly skilled teachers, even at the nursery level. The teachers provide individual attention to every student and their problems and address them. The school also hosts regular parent-teacher meetings to update parents about their child’s progress.

This school recognizes the benefits of extra-curricular activities like singing, painting, dancing, and others. Thus, it encourages students to participate in these activities from a young age. Such a practice helps students to mix with others and also develop various skills. 

Genesis Global School Noida

Genesis Global School is known for its high education quality and overall academic facilities. The school offers education from Nursery to class 12 and is a top choice amongst most parents. The school has several other exciting facilities to provide a comfortable environment for your child. Genesis Global School is based on the vision of providing academic excellence to its students and fulfills the same exceptionally well. This is a co-ed school that helps students to mix with others through various activities. The school also encourages several kinds of extra-curricular activities. 

Raghav Global School

Raghav Global School is an instructive organization of the R.B.S. Instructive Society. The school is an English medium, K-12 co-instructive Institution. Associated with the CBSE board, it intends to enhance each kid’s internal creative mind and inventiveness. To assembled trust in everybody, for a youngster to become who they seek to be. The G.G.S. Establishment School began in April 2012.

A kid will be allowed admission to Nursery classes just at the time of 3+ as on 31st March of the Admission year. Admittance to different courses is OK through an entry test. Choices progress on the choice of the Head of the Institution. The understudies might be acknowledged after they have an exchange declaration from the past school. Direct choice is additionally there assuming that opportunities remain.

School is available in the peaceful area of green land. Intended to meet the advanced requirements of training, offices gave here are awesome. The grounds has the best framework like breezy Labs, Library, study halls and gigantic jungle gyms.

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Noida has several nursery schools with standard facilities. However, it would be best to look for schools that offer education from Nursery to class 12. In that case, your child does not have to change their school and get used to a different environment. Parents must also check the facilities and overall education quality in schools before they make a choice. 

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