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What Is Salesforce CRM And How Does It Work?

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Over time, the need for business automation and analytics has increased. Also, customers today demand personalized services that are in sync with their needs and preferences. 

Salesforce CRM has been serving all these needs for businesses belonging to all industries and having all operational scales for the last two decades. It has successfully transformed the way business CRM functions and automation is used in marketing and sales processes. 

So, what is Salesforce CRM?

What Is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM is a software platform that unites your sales, service, commerce, marketing, and IT teams on a centralized cloud-based system. 

It helps you streamline your marketing and sales activities by providing automation and helping your sales reps save time and effort in carrying out the same. It is a highly flexible platform that provides businesses with easy access to its web-based software over the internet.

With Salesforce CRM, you can record, track, and analyze all the details pertaining to your customers and the activities performed by your sales reps over a specific period of time. These details can be used for providing personalized services to your clients and analyzing the periodic sales and marketing performance of your team. 

Salesforce CRM is suitable for every business, irrespective of its size. You can choose the Salesforce edition you want on the basis of the degree of automation and customization you need to carry out your business processes. 

Here are the four major Salesforce editions, priced according to the number of advanced tools and features provided to the users:

  • Salesforce Essentials ($25/user/month)
  • Salesforce Professional ($75/user/month)
  • Salesforce Enterprise ($150/user/month)
  • Salesforce Unlimited ($300/user/month)

It is advisable to seek reliable Salesforce consulting services to implement the most suitable edition within your organization. 

How Does Salesforce Work?

Salesforce is a fully cloud-based platform that helps you manage your customer database and use the same to provide personalized services to your customers. 

The CRM platform allows you to record all relevant details pertaining to your existing, potential, and past customers. It would save all these details in tablets of information called Salesforce objects.

These objects hold specific details about your customers, such as Accounts, Leads, Cases, Contacts, Opportunities, and many more. This information forms the base for almost every marketing and sales activity performed by your team.

One of the biggest features of Salesforce CRM is the way it helps you in lea management. From the moment you approach a prospect and the initial details are entered within the system, Salesforce would help you manage the lead until you make the final sale. 

The automated sales pipeline helps you score the leads generated, set your priorities, and nurture them throughout the sales cycle. With the help of business intelligence and AI tools, Salesforce helps you ascertain the specific needs and preferences of your customers on the basis of their actions, helping you provide the right service to the right customer at the right time. 

Apart from helping you cater to your customers, Salesforce CRM helps you create extensive summaries of your activities in the form of customizable reports and dashboards. Here, you can track the details of the work done by your team and draw valuable conclusions. 

With the help of the analytics features of Salesforce CRM, the senior management can get a visual and detailed summary of all the activities performed and opportunities tapped (and missed), helping them make important business decisions. 

Salesforce is no less than a boon in recent times as it provides just the right amount of flexibility, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in undertaking a variety of business processes.

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