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What are the key points while buying a new phone for you?

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Spending on a new phone is always an overwhelming experience. It can be an expensive one or an unaffordable one. When you are buying a phone, you spend a fair amount of cash.

It is always good to get a phone that comes under your budget and is worth that expenditure. You always check the reviews for the phone, ask people for feedback and then make your decision for the phone.

 But many people still make mistakes. If you are sure of getting that phone for you may avoid some common mistakes that many people make. A phone is a personal thing that depends upon person to person.

Getting the right phone

Everybody has different experiences with phones and preferences too. Some may want a bigger screen, while others may wish for good storage. The choice of phone totally depends upon the personality of the person.

 But there are some common mistakes that everybody makes and that should be avoided. Many people do not have the required money to buy a new phone but still buy an expensive one.

They borrow loans to fulfill their demand for an expensive phone. Many times, people buy a new phone because of peer pressure. You should always buy a phone that is suitable for your needs and preferences.

Buying a phone out of peer pressure can be burdening. If you plan to borrow and need a loan today on benefits from a direct lender, reconsider your decision. Do not blindly follow the trend and look at your finances first.

Phone deciding tips

Spending too much money

The first and the foremost mistake that we will commit is to get a Smartphone and spend too much money on it. There are smartphones from every range.

You can get a Smartphone for a lower amount as well as a higher amount. The phones are available as per your budget. It is very easy to get attracted to a phone that requires a huge amount of money.

Many people also borrow loans to buy a new phone. But do not buy a phone that you really cannot afford. This is especially true when you are looking out for contract phones where you are buying on a monthly basis rather than a one-time payment.

The truth is that very few people look out for features on the phone. Many people go for a phone that is way to expensive and requires a lot of money. It is a myth that an expensive phone has all the features and is the best option to choose for.

For example, iPhone may look cool, but many people do not want to buy iPhone because of its high value. Before you buy a Phone, always do a market survey and look out for various features on the phone.

Also, look out for the budget that you have set for your phone purchase. Do not buy an unnecessarily expensive phone. Be realistic and look out for budget phones.

You can save money on your purchase and spend that money on something important such as vacations or an emergency.

Being too much focused on brand names

Many people just go with the brand names and spend unnecessarily. Several phone brands keep on competing with each other in terms of their brand strategies and market expansion.

Various big brands such as iPhone or Samsung galaxy have huge advertisement budgets, and they market their phone in such a way. You may spend a lot of money on your phone if you are buying is that shoe brands.

Always look out for brands that do not charge you much for your phone. Look out for cheaper options and consider less known brands. It is not necessary to buy a phone having new brands.

But you can look out for brands that are lesser-known and have affordable phones to offer. They also give you better deals and provide you with good service.

At the end of the day, the brand name is not essential, but the phone with the right features is critical. Always look out for features in the phone, and the phone is rather than going for the brand name.

Focusing on the Newest Model

Many people make the mistake of getting the latest phone models. Even if their old phone is working correctly, they still go for the new brands in order to show off their mobiles. It can be a mistake to buy the latest model.

The newest model is expensive and costs you a hole in your pocket. Always look out for options and do not give away your phone till the time it is required. Buying a new phone can actually make you spend a lot of money, and it does not save any cash for you.

 One thing you can do is to buy a phone that is one year old or two years old. These phones that are old have good features to offer you and cost you less. They are much lesser than the new model that you are willing to buy.

 For example, if you are buying a phone that is being released a month, that is obviously more expensive than the phone that has been released one year back.

So you can get on the phone that has been released one year back and still enjoy the latest up-gradation is on your phone. Also, it will help you to save money for your future.

Do not consider borrowing money from money lenders for your phone, as it can trap you in debt. Always buy a phone that your pocket allows and do not exceed your budget. Buying a phone within a budget will keep you financially stable.

Not knowing what you need

Many people go mobile phone shopping, but they are not aware of what they need. They also do not know what the technicalities of the phone are, but they still go and buy a new expensive phone.

Before buying a phone, always do market research and look out for what you need. Do not just buy a phone to show off. You should have a clear idea of what you are looking for and what purpose your phone solution is for you.

If you are not tech-savvy, it is not necessary. You should know the purpose of your phone purchase. For example, it can be a Camera, or it can be storage. Many people buy new phones to get the latest camera and click good pictures.

On the contrary, many people look out for phones that have good storage space and can store their documents and other essential things.

Hence, as a user, you should always know the need for your phone purchase and what purpose does it solve.

If you prioritize your purchase, it will always be easier for you to buy a new phone. You won’t be confused and also can make a clear decision. Also, it will be less tempting to shell out more money for your phone that is not the right purchase for you.

Not having enough storage

One of the primary purposes is to buy a phone is to get enough storage space to store your documents and other essential things. Many people forget this purpose and buy a phone with not enough storage.

It can be tempting to buy an expensive phone with less storage for good features. You should always remember your true purpose of purchasing a phone and do not buy a phone with lesser storage.

 For example, many people buy iPhones with storage of 30 2GB as memory. This does not solve the purpose of getting enough memory and creates a problem for them.

In the future, when the data is too much and the storage is less, it provokes them to buy another new phone. Data storage is an essential feature while buying a phone. You may have many documents on your phone, or you may click too many pictures.

Also, you may have many games to play on your phone. Everything requires storage in your phone. Not having the proper storage will limit your phone use, and they want you to buy a new phone.

 Many phones have external card slots in them. But do not rely on external card slots. Always lookout with a phone memory that is there in the phone apart from the external card slot.

Every time you click on new pictures, there is no use in buying an expensive phone if you have to delete the old ones. As long as you can afford it, get a phone that has extra storage and will help you to store everything in one place.


Buying a new phone can be enthralling but always look out for features that will be helpful for you in the future.

Get your new phone at a reasonable price, and do not just go for the phone looks. Do your homework and then buy a phone that is suitable for your needs.

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