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Various New Recommendations for Discovery Campaigns by Google Ads

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Google Ad Campaigns – An Intro

You might not have realized it but you have already seen a thousand Google Ads. As being the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Lucknow, we know that a mobile app seems very small, simple, and user-friendly. Whenever you come across an advertisement on your page that’s because a strategized Google Ads campaign was behind it and not just only good SEO. Google Ads allows businesses to have a platform to display their company ads. This ad will be displayed to those who search for it with the help of relevant terms on the search bar and even on the Maps. This digital marketing tool is a great medium for any online business to display their products and services in front of their targeted audiences around the globe even locally. Once your business invests in a monthly ad campaign with setting up an ad spend range Google will now choose the right audience. The results are measurable and you can check them while running the campaign. 

Various Types of Google Ads Campaigns

There are eight types of Google Ad campaigns mentioned below:

  • Search ad campaign that includes Text ads on the Google SERPs.
  • Display ad campaign including Image advertisements on websites or even on Gmail.
  • Video ad campaigns that involve video ads running on YouTube
  • Shopping ad campaigns includes product listings on Google
  • App ads campaigns promote apps on various channels. 
  • Smart ads campaigns are simplified automated ads that run on Google and also across the web.
  • Local ads campaigns that drive potential consumers to a physical location.
  • Discovery ads campaigns run ads across Google’s feeds when they’re open.

In this article, we will discuss the most talked-about campaign that Google recently updated which is the Discovery ads campaign. Let’s dive into the information step by step.

What are Google Discovery Ads?

Google Discovery ads are a collection of captivating graphics and strong consumer attracting features that enhances product awareness and generate consumer demands. Previously these ads were specified to run only on the Googles Discover app but now they are running on YouTube and Gmail also. 

Where do they Appear: Google Discovery ads run majorly on three Google channels which are Discover, YouTube, and Gmail. You will be updated through the discover feed with the latest news, upcoming events, and various other topics.

Benefits of using Google Discovery Ads

  • Reaching more users: The only difference between Gmail and Discovery campaigns is where each presentation reaches the users. Adding to which email promoting ads on the social media channels and promotional tabs which used to be the only source to Gmail. Google Discover feed and Gmail have opened a way to grab three billion potential users’ attention via one campaign.
  • Increase in the Engagement via Automation: Google has made a lot of changes and this time it has refurbished the old advertisement format from Gmail to Discovery, this has allowed automation and machine learning to generate ads that provide more engagement to the users. Discovery advertisements offer space for five headlines and five descriptions that give space for various propositions, program offerings, national or local rankings, and calls to action which was previously in Gmail ads had only one headline and one description space. 
  • In-platform lead generation ability: Discovery ad campaigns allow their users to gather information within the platform and they don’t have to navigate the landing page for information submission. This feature can become an efficient benefactor in generating leads.
  • Reach more potential users with Discovery ads campaigns: They are one of the fundamental parts of online advertising. Discovery ads campaigns will provide you with way more potential consumers along with engaging content that boost the ROI.

The Bottom Line

If we talk about Google Ads several ways can be used to reach the potential target audience, finding new consumers, an action that can generate a click, in short building your business. It is normal if you have just begun with Google Ads and using the search and shopping campaigns. But whenever you wish to expand your business, you can always take help from these various campaigns that include Video campaigns, Display campaigns, and Discovery campaigns and your business will reach new heights. That’s where Key Marketing- the Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur comes into the picture. We are the most reputed and result oriented digital marketing company located in DELHI, LUCKNOW, JAIPUR, CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB and many more cities. Click on the link below to go through our services and expertise. 

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