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Which kind of examples are suitable for UPSC Ethics Integrity and Aptitude?

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Ethics by Tirthankar RoyChowdhary sir is a sincere effort to make GS IV Paper (Ethics Integrity and Aptitude) simpler, clear and more lucid through small concepts, posters and mind maps. We strive to empower your endeavors to make you best among the rest in ethics paper. 

Ethics paper comes with a clearly established syllabus that includes terms such as the concept of impartiality and conscience crisis integrity, compassion, honesty, etc. The essay must be an individual paper. Many times, the paper is requested to include instances from your own personal life and also Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

As most of the civil services aspirants have a lot of confusion regarding GS IV. So, the team EDEN IAS has come up to solve the issues related to the questions viz; Best books for Ethics, Ethics syllabus for UPSC, Ethics Notes for UPSC, Ethics previous year related questions.

Ethics previous year related paper analysis, or even the best telegram channel for UPSC Ethics.

We are here to solve these small issues through Articles related to Ethics concepts, Thoughts and Core concepts of Moral Thinkers and Philosophers, Case studies related to ethics.

Ethics terminology for UPSC, Ethics flowchart for UPSC and a few PDFs and PPTs related to Ethics.

With an ethical dilemma and how did you resolve it.

For example, a simple complying with the law isn’t enough. The public servant must also possess an acute awareness of ethical questions to be able to effectively discharge of their duties”.

Do you believe that? Give two instances where (i) an action is ethically acceptable but not legally enforceable and (ii) the action is legally correct however; it is not ethically right.

Thus, the types of examples that must be created on every topic/term in the syllabus

  1. Personal examples from your own personal life and experiences.
  2. General examples can be drawn from incidents reported in the media that deal with ethical actions. They can be used in case studies solutions too. In one instance, it was reported in which an DM was seated with teachers and students to eat meals in order to settle the caste divide in the mid-day meals. The exact details of this case study were included in the paper.
  3. Examples of integrity, honesty ethical behavior from the life of famous people such as Mahatma Gandhi or the late Dr. Kalam etc. They can be cited in responses.

It is better to have the set of exercises ready on each topic prior to the exam. And then review them, use them for practice questions. 

This helps ensure that you don’t waste time on thinking about the exam hall, and that the best examples are able to be used as they are ready.

It is contingent on the topic in the first instance. In general, the instances can be classified into the following categories: Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

  1. Personal examples
  2. Professional examples
  3. Examples of governance/civil service in the context of
  4. Examples from society

In other words, if the question is related to an ethical dilemma:

Rules and procedure vs. compassion in the civil service and also upsc prelims crash course 2022

Professional example: Whistle blowing (public interest) against internal system (organizational image)

Personal example: commitment to work and family responsibility (work and life balance)

How can I prepare for UPCS the GS Paper IV (Ethics Integrity and Aptitude, and Ethics)

  1. Read the syllabus attentively and note the subtopics of each topic listed within the course syllabus.
  2. Section A of the paper has six questions. Therefore, it is essential to make notes for each subtopic as well as the keyword within the syllabus. For example, how to define the term and examples. As an example, you could take the term “Objectivity”. 
  3. Definition of Objectivity Examples of Objectivity within the everyday or personal experience Examples for Objectivity within Public Life Importance of Objectivity in Civil SERV iceways to build the ability to be Objective
  4. Note down a few notes from the Second ARC (SARC) report on Ethics that contain an experts’.
  5. Recommendations for all issues that plague civil service in India. SARC is as important and significant just as the Indian Constitution for IAS aspirants. In fact, quoting SARC suggestions in Main Answers will be rewarded with the best marks.
  6. Practice and learn the answer structure that is applicable to both the theoretical part as well as cases research.
  7. Examining previous papers- previous UPSC Ethics papers would provide the most accurate.  For the Ethics Paper, practicing previous questions will be sufficient.
  8. The evaluation of your answers is essential to scoring well. 

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