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How to Have an Uninterrupted Internet Connection During Work From Home

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Pandemic has brought many new features in our lives. Internet is one of the most basic and key demands during this pandemic. It is primarily the only way to hold everyone connected. Earlier work from home was a lesser-known factor in the employment industry; however, it is the only way to keep businesses and companies running in the current scenario. Therefore, it is necessary to have an uninterrupted internet connection with high speed during work from home. This enables any working person to do his/her task without disturbance and with full concentration. There are many ways by which we can ensure an uninterrupted internet connection.

One of the best ways to ensure a good internet connection is to buy a modem. Buying a modem will solve your internet issues and be cost-friendly as it is cheaper to buy your modem instead of renting one from the ISP (Internet service provider) and paying for it monthly. A DSL or Cable modem link to the internet is good enough for most home users, perhaps with a cellphone-based Point of Prescience as a backup.

If you cannot buy a modem, your next step should be to choose the best service provider. It is necessary to wisely pick a network provider who can ensure an uninterrupted and high-speed internet connection. For example, The 5G network right now is the best option to pick, and a service provider who can supply you with this can be a good choice.

Space and area also affect one’s Internet connection. Therefore it is suggested you set your router in a cluster-free space and away from any appliances which can interfere with your wifi signal strength. For example, it is best to keep your router at a higher altitude than other appliances away from the microwave, landline sets, wires, etc. It is also necessary to check the proper working of your router from time to time; it is common to have a router problem and mistake it for an Internet connection problem.

Wifi extenders are the next best solution; These expand the range of your signal. It picks up the router’s signal and then rebroadcasts it. However, this usually decreases the signal strength. So it is a solution for those people who have a strong connection but short range.

Another key to having a constant connection is to have more than one ISP with different links going through different routers. Sign in to IP panel to avail seamless experience of your router.  This solution may not be budget-friendly for everyone but can ensure an undisturbed Internet connection. 

Use satellite internet for uninterrupted internet connection. Satellite internet services utilize telecommunication satellites situated in the Earth’s orbit to provide high-speed internet with good range.

A USB Internet dongle is also a popular solution. A dongle connects your laptop or desktop to the cellular network directly and provides a good, interesting connection. This solution is not only budget-friendly but also portable. Moreover, you can easily carry a dongle.

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