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Top Free Tools and Chrome Extension for SEO Analysis

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Everything is clever and simple with SEO Analysis. You may find opportunities for development and uncover weak points by doing a thorough website SEO analysis. Use website SEO analysis tools instead of employing a digital marketing or SEO specialist.

SEO tools may be used for more than just monitoring your rankings or doing keyword research. You may learn a lot about your competitors, the effectiveness of your SEO strategy, and whether your clients are seeing a positive return on their investment.

Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

1. Keywords Everywhere

keyword everywhere

Three separate information kinds for keywords on Google are displayed by the programme Keywords Everywhere: monthly search volume, cost per click, and Google Adwords competition. Since it is an in-browser extension, switching back and forth between Google Keywords and the current browser page is no longer necessary with this extension installed.

What we enjoy: The keyword information you desire is there in front of you thanks to Keywords Everywhere. The outcome? Spend less time switching between tabs and more time improving the SEO of your website.

2. GrowthBar

GrowthBar extension

GrowthBar is a straightforward Chrome plugin that unlocks the growth channels and keywords that are effective for every website and provides you with immediate access to crucial SEO data points about it.

You may examine top-performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty score, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, Facebook advertisements, and more using this tool.

What we like: GrowthBar’s main advantages are that it is quick and simple. You can quickly find important data and act on it to improve your SEO.

3. SEOQuake

SEOQuake Extension

With the stroke of a button, SEOquake, a free browser plugin, gives you access to organic search data. SEOquake may offer information about the listings on a search engine results page and is presently compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

This well-known SEO browser extension tool, which is positioned as a Mozbar rival, displays crucial SERPs analytics.

The bar displays the normal Alexa Rank, Page Rank (PR), and several other crucial SEO characteristics rather than starting and utilising its own measurements.

With the short information it delivers on the search results page, SEOquake is an excellent tool to utilise in conjunction with Semrush since it helps you make decisions quickly. We can evaluate the search results page from various regions thanks to the option to modify the SERP locale.

4. SemRush

SemRush Extension

Semrush is one of the most well-known SEO tools. Semrush provides tonnes of information about digital marketing in general in addition to aiding with SEO. You may learn about any website’s pages, as well as gain information on Google AdWords, content suggestions, traffic estimates, and much more.

Best Technical SEO Google Chrome Extensions

We’ll quickly move on to discussing SEO’s more technical facets and the top Chrome extensions that SEO experts are now utilising.

1. Wappalyzer

wappalyzer chrome extension

The Wappalyzer Chrome addon broadens your viewpoint by providing insider knowledge about rival websites. It is a complete framework detector.

The tool may be used to compare various platforms, determine the diagnostic tools that are being employed, and analyse anything from server software to CMS usage and programming languages.

Wappalyzer enables you to swiftly refine competition information for improved long-term SEO results, even though it’s not an extension you’d need to discover the technologies underlying your own site.

The tool’s accuracy is great, so as a user, it provides you with free information on all the important technical features of the website you are analysing.

Finding out which web-builder rivals are using is one of Wappalyzer’s most frequently used apps.

2. View Rendered Source

When it comes to Chrome extensions for web development, View Rendered Source is a crucial tool for JavaScript websites.

That allows you to evaluate a wide range of technical factors for SEO purposes, such as if JavaScript is replacing meta tags.

In essence, the extension allows you to identify differences between HTML and rendered HTML, which is what the browser outputs when it displays a webpage.

Every line that differs between the rendered and raw versions is highlighted by the programme to keep track of the discrepancies.

As a result, you can clearly see how JavaScript is changing the website.

Three facts are provided to users:

  1. Source code from the server transmitted to the browser.
  2. After DOM (Document Object Model) interpretation, the page was rendered.
  3. emphasised the contrasts between the two.

3. Web Developer

You may add a variety of developer tools to your Chrome browser by using the Web Developer toolbar button.

It speeds up and simplifies activities like altering web page graphics, turning off JavaScript, tweaking CSS, and testing responsive layouts.

Let us say you have routine duties to complete. In such instance, you may filter information such as display components, picture file sizes, or topography data using presets or custom settings.

Anyone working in the fields of SEO, digital marketing, and site maintenance should take use of this tool.

4. SEO Extension Pro

The fourth and last technical SEO tool we will discuss is SEO Pro Extension, which is great for content audits and technical SEO audits. You may use it to help you optimise your website for quicker load times and improved performance.

This Chrome plugin shows precise metrics and features for any website you are visiting, including schema, graphics, data structures, headers, Core Web Vitals, and links.

Respondents to the survey utilise the SEO Pro Extension for a variety of tasks, including post-production quality assurance checks, indexing problem-solving, and technical SEO advice.

This Chrome addon was created for SEO and released by Marketing Syrup in 2020. It was modelled around Meta in One Click and includes extras like an export option, a user-friendly interface, and better graphics.

Free SEO Chrome Extensions

1. Ubersuggest

ubbersuggest extension

The Chrome addon for Ubersuggest allows you to browse keyword information directly from Google search results.

Without ever leaving the SERPs, it also provides you with information on associated terms. You may export the data to CSV or go to the Ubersuggest dashboard for the searched term by clicking any of the information headers beneath “People also search for…”

With this knowledge, running quick keyword research directly from the SERPs is very simple.

2. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo extension

Facebook is still a widely used website that may generate a lot of traffic, whether you love it or loathe it.

You will inevitably read some articles when browsing the internet. You could be questioning whether the article was successful or not because some of them would be on the website of your rival.

You can view how many social shares and backlinks each article has by using the Buzzsumo plugin.

You can even view all the articles from that website that have received the most social sharing and backlinks.

This will help you choose the kind of material you should start creating.

3. MozBar 

It is the Best SEO extension which is available free of cost unlike many other.

Users of MozBar may quickly check their SEO within their browser with only one click. Any webpage may be seen with metrics from MozBar, which also lets users access statistics and export SERPs into a CRV file. The ability to analyse keyword difficulty, page optimization, and SERP data is available by upgrading to MozBar Premium.

What we like: With its one-click paradigm, MozBar makes assessing your SEO as simple as possible, saving busy SEO professionals a tonne of time.


When it comes to SEO, there are several possibilities. Simply look for the ones that function effectively for you.

Many Chrome extensions provide the functions of online SEO tools and services directly within your browser. Hoping this post will assist you in locating one or more extensions that can significantly increase your productivity and save you a lot of time.

Just be aware that utilising too many browser extensions may cause your computer to run slowly, so pick them carefully.

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