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Top Digital Marketing Trends not to Missed in 2020

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Digital marketing trends in 2020

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. To help you stay ahead of the below, we outline some of the best digital marketing trends 2020 below. If you are out of your digital marketing trends, you are limiting your brand in both reach and iteration. You may be ignorant of new marketing trends but your target customers and your competitors are not. So we have prepared a list of digital marketing trends for you below.

In 2020 we will see new marketing trends along with some old ongoing trends which are still effective.

Chatbot’s: Personal Assistance Without Personnel 2020 technology chat breathes new life into Chatbot’s which makes them more reassuring and popular than previous years.

Voice search: For example, people use digital assistants like  Alexa or Siri.  SEO moves towards voice search on how people talk on the basis of the world, not type.

Video marketing: Each year sees more successful and ambitious branded videos online, with posting videos being easier and easier.

Keeping in mind those current trends, this is the new digital marketing trend 2020.

  • Customer experience.

2020 will be the year of customers. We are seeing a huge change in assumptions about what marketing really is. This is not about trying to convince you to work, not buying from your company. Instead, the priority has shifted towards providing a superior customer experience that will keep people coming back longer. In a sense, marketing almost takes care of itself when you focus on building a positive business culture and providing great service.

The development of online content has given more power to consumers.  When they learn about the product, they are no longer a passive party. She is also not waiting to tell you how great you are, instead of going out and doing your research. So you have to offer them more than information.

Customer Experience or CX is already the hottest buzzword in marketing circles.  But this is more than just a passing trend. 73% of people say that customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decision.  But currently, only 49% of US consumers say today’s companies provide a good experience.

  • Employee engagement.

If efficient and friendly service is the cornerstone of great customer experience, how do you ensure that you are providing it? Answer – Is definitely in your staff.  Previously researched research also found that 46% of consumers will abandon a brand. They are entitled to if their employees are not knowledgeable and poor employee attitude is the number one factor that prevents individuals from doing business with a company.

Your employee is the human face of your friend.  Therefore, focusing on the interaction between your employees and your customers should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

With the explosion of smart speakers and voice search in recent years, you will be forgiven for thinking that readable content is more important these days than bible and design. In fact, it could not be further from the truth.  However, progress in voice search is definitely affecting the fact that we create content now and you should not ignore visual content in future. Research has shown that people prefer visual content to simple lessons.

  • Future marketing.

We are living in an era of data abundance where people connect with brands across multiple channels. They use content in an opportunity-wise manner and do a lot of homework before making a purchasing decision. Future marketing is taking all these unsafe interactions, looking at the current positive data patterns and anticipating results accordingly.

More and more mature platforms have started talking about futuristic analytics and futuristic lead scoring on their blog and podcast.

  • Shoppable post.

However, now shoppable posts have been introduced on social media for more than 2 years.  But in 2020 these blinking dot will explode.  Out of the box integration with third-party apps and e-commerce marketing tech mainly due to being easy.  As the number of Facebook Instagram and the Pinterest user is increasing and the impulse buys are beginning to increase through speed and stories, the commerce business is realizing that social impact is a measurable number on their e-commerce sales  And may occur with increased traffic. According to Instagram, there are 1 billion active users worldwide and 90% of them are following the shopping brand.

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