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Top 10 Payroll Software in India

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To handle the entire life cycle of payroll activities from beginning to finish, HRs and payroll experts employ payroll software.  Professionals may easily monitor these actions from one location using payroll software. Paying salaried, hourly, and contingent workers is automated using payroll software. It is frequently offered as a stand-alone system by human resources software vendors and specialized payroll firms.

The majority of payroll software programs include built-in features that automatically calculate withholdings such as taxes, insurance premiums, and retirement contributions. Furthermore, payroll software frequently manages direct paycheck payments, creates tax returns, and eliminates wage garnishments. Additionally, payroll managers can set up systems so that they print checks for workers who still need to be signed up for direct deposit.

Some payroll software systems allow HR managers and IT professionals to modify accumulations, balance periods, and balances as well as assign employees to different pay groups. 

How to choose the best Payroll Software in India?

Due to the increased demand, there is more competition in the market. Payroll software comes in a variety of forms, and each offers a distinct advantage. Selecting payroll software that works best for your business and its requirements is critical.


  1. Determine the demands on your organization.

To choose the best payroll software, you must first and foremost do a thorough study of your company’s needs. These are some inquiries you can make of yourself: 

  • How frequently do you have payroll issues? 
  • How much do payroll mistakes set you back? 
  • Do you pay your staff weekly or monthly? 
  • What is your payroll’s predetermined budget? 
  • How well does manual payroll processing work for you? 
  • Can you efficiently keep payroll records?

By removing the applications that don’t suit your demands, you may select the best choice.


  1. Can it aid in compliance management?

To comply with legal obligations, you must adhere to payroll regulations. Your firm may run into problems if you don’t follow the rules. As a result, you must hunt for payroll software that keeps you informed about regulatory compliances and wards off legal problems.


  1. Search for common traits

Only when your payroll software has the required functionality is payroll automation feasible. Make sure it has all the required features before choosing any payroll software in India. To mention a few, you may keep an eye out for parts that are considered standard, such as automatic salary calculations, tax filing, expenditure management, mobile access, compliance management, and deductions.


  1. Try a free service.

I advise attempting a free trial of the top payroll software before making a decision. Many of the best payroll software providers in India provide prospective customers a 14-day free trial so they may evaluate the functionality or features of their payroll software.


  1. Establish a budget.

Even if all the automatic features may seem exciting and appealing, you should always take your budget into account before making a decision. You can surely have top-notch payroll software on your budget because there are so many economical solutions on the market. However, you will undoubtedly need to boost your budget to use the best payroll software in India. Payroll software with basic capabilities typically ranges in price from $20 to $50.


Some of the Most Common Payroll Software

Following are some of the most popular payroll software which are generally preferred by HRs.


  • Zimyo

With its 40+ cloud-based modules, Zimyo is a leading platform that provides top-tier employee experience. Organizations may benefit from solutions like HR & Payroll Management, Time & Attendance Management, Performance Management Systems (PMS), Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), Employee Engagement, and Extra Employee Benefits.

Zimyo optimizes everything from hiring to offboarding and everything in between. It is a one-stop shop that is supported by an end-to-end implementation to enhance your critical KPIs.


  • greytHR

Given that it provides productivity features for improved HR and payroll management, greytHR is a well-known top payroll software in India. Since its founding in 2019, it has provided dependable people management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. They offer a similar employee self-service platform to Zimyo, which enables improved staff engagement and time savings all around. HealthifyMe, Toshiba, Deloitte, and Capgemini are just a handful of the companies connected to greytHR.


  • Zoho

The HR sector is familiar with the name Zoho. In addition to HRMS, Zoho provides payroll solutions to assist organizations in managing their costs and payroll. The platform aids in comprehensive payroll processing and administration and guarantees that workers are paid correctly and on time. It has been in the business for more than 25 years and has become recognized as a reliable brand in the payroll and human resources sectors. Famous companies like purple slate, CredRight, Tart Labs, Beez Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd., and others are affiliated with Zoho.


  • HROne

HROne is a comprehensive HR system that gives businesses intelligent payroll and HR options. The platform also offers services for managing people, travel, and compliance, in addition to standard HR and payroll solutions. The platform’s user-friendly user interface, modular setup, and granular configuration provide consumers with a hassle-free experience. The goal of HROne, an HR technology platform, is to automate pointless HR tasks and enable HR professionals to conserve vital time and money.


  • Beehive

Use Beehive Payroll to automate your payroll processes. With Beehive’s complete payroll solutions, you can process employee salaries, make tax declarations easier, monitor compliances, and carry out other payroll-related tasks. One of its customers said of Beehive: “Beehive’s continual development of the product and services, support, and action on raised queries makes it one of the best HR software startups in India.


  • SumHR

SumHR is a wonderful option if you want to automate your payroll processes. It is among the greatest payroll programs available in India, and it claims that it can make an HR professional into an HR hero. SumHR is assisting small and medium enterprises in effectively managing their payroll operations by removing human labor, eliminating manual mistakes, and improving the employee experience. With SumHR’s end-to-end HRMS, you can manage objectives, track employee time and attendance, provide reports, and provide a great employee experience in addition to handling payroll.


  • WalletHR

You can effortlessly handle your payroll procedures using Wallet HR without doing any manual labor. The platform serves as a highly effective automation and innovation tool and takes care of all your payroll administration requirements. Additionally, you may automate payroll tax submissions for the business as well as compensation computations, payments, and even salary payments. Specsmakers, the Isha Foundation, and Hyundai HYSCO are just a few of its clients.


  • HRMantra

India’s HRMantra is a feature-rich payroll program. The platform’s powerful capabilities make it simple to automate even the most difficult HR and payroll operations. Utilizing robust formulas and criteria, HRMantra enables you to design a limitless number of pay heads for loan, bonus, salary, and tax computations. Several well-known companies, including Toyota, MSC, Jockey, and NTPC, are linked to this leading HR software in India.


  • PeopleWorks

The best payroll software in India, PeopleWorks, aids businesses in digitizing and streamlining their intricate payroll procedures. This platform changes your whole HR department and has 22 cutting-edge HR modules with an intuitive user interface. The platform also includes labor management, talent management, human resource planning, and learning and development solutions in addition to payroll services.


  • Saral PayPack

In Hindi, the word “saral” signifies straightforward and uncomplicated. Saral PayPack provides solutions that make your payroll process simpler, as the name would imply. For all of your payroll requirements, Saral PayPack is the one-stop payroll solution. Along with handling your HR functions, it assists with payroll automation. Manyavar,, India TV, and Siemens, to mention a few, are some of the well-known brands connected to Saral PayPack.

These are some of the most popular software available in the market to help HR’s ease their job.

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