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Tips and Tricks to Finding the Web Viral Trends

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You may generate smart, memorable, and highly relevant social media material by keeping up with current trends. The chance to connect with your current audience, get a tonne of new followers, and perhaps go viral comes from following content trends.

Keeping up with the most recent social media trends can be challenging. You could feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up to stay afloat because of new platforms, algorithmic adjustments, and ever-evolving marketing tactics.

Having said that, there are a few resources and advice you can utilize to remain up to date with new trends.

Best resources for finding out what’s popular

  • Google Trends 

The unofficial tool for spotting hot search terms in your niche is Google Trends.

It records worldwide search trends and offers a plethora of information that is divided by date range, geo-location, category, search type (such as online search vs. YouTube), and more.

The integration of Google Trends into Google Search is one of the more recent developments in the past couple of years. The most current trending news based on your interests may now be read on Google in addition to typing in a search.

  • Exploding Topics

Entrepreneurs, investors, and anybody trying to find trendy firms, categories, or business ideas will find this tool valuable.

Exploding Topics doesn’t offer as much detail as other trending topic tools, therefore to properly grasp the trend, you either need to sign up for their newsletter or use this tool in conjunction with other tools.

  • SparkToro Trending

Sparktoro fills a critical vacuum left by the closure of for marketers.

The newest popular marketing, SEO, and technology articles are presented by Sparktoro Trending.

Based on the number of social shares from users who have linked to the tool, Sparktoro presents these trends (along with other means).

  • FrontPageMetrics

Almost every topic of interest has a Reddit thread. The most popular subreddits can be found using’s daily, weekly, and monthly growth statistics.

There are a lot of rabbit holes to help inspire your content plan with over 3 million tracked subreddits.

  • Feedly

This tool is one of the finest for compiling the most recent stories in one location once you’ve determined the most significant newspapers or news sources that your audience reads.

By displaying the most recent articles published from your selected list, Feedly is one of the most effective tools for spotting emerging topics and staying current in your business.

A few worthwhile premium features of Feedly include the option to subscribe to newsletters, Twitter feeds, or Google News feeds. Alternately, utilize an AI-powered bot to search the web for specific topics.

  • Podcast Notes

Podcasts play a crucial role in spotting hot subjects. An estimated 10% increase in listeners per year is predicted for the $1 billion podcasting market. This is a fantastic chance to discover hot subjects for your customers or business.

Sadly, podcasts aren’t the best option for everyone because they require a lot of time and concentration to understand the information.

Finding the most important lessons from each podcast is a challenge, but Podcast Notes offers a simple newsletter solution.

If you don’t have the time to listen to ten or more podcasts every week, Podcast News handles the legwork for you by covering themes including lifestyle, startups, technology, finance, cryptocurrency, and fitness.

  • Buzzsumo

The most effective community managers have well-honed processes for monitoring hot social media issues relevant to their industry.

Buzzsumo has long been one of the top resources for locating trending content on social media, and it has expanded its reach to include finding content on video and Q&A websites as well.

Buzzsumo can show you which material is gaining the most momentum on YouTube if you’re seeking the most popular trending video content in your industry.

  • Treendly

The Google Alerts for Google Trends is what this programme calls itself. A problem with Google Trends is that there hasn’t always been a decent method to subscribe to a particular topic.

Although Google Trends currently provides this feature, there are third-party programmes like Treendly that attempt to improve user experience and draw data from a wider range of sources than Google Trends.

  • Product Hunt Topics

Anyone may submit their product to Product Hunt, which features the most recent new (mainly digital) items across sectors.

The PH community then upvotes and reviews them, determining where the product appears on the site’s ranking system.

You may subscribe to a category of new product releases on Product Hunt called Topics, which includes, among other things, productivity, developer tools, AI, UX, marketing, design, and IoT.

Tips on Making Content Go Viral Online

  • Pay attention to news and events that are happening right now. Social media often does pretty well for videos. Employ keywords.
  • Receive a greater influencer’s attention. Hold a contest to increase participation. To stand out, use comedy or controversy.
  • Make use of striking images. Publish to Reddit. Be as distinctive as you can.

Tips To Help You Use Viral Online Trends

  • Make Certain You Recognize the Trend

Although you want to respond swiftly when you uncover a good trend, you’ll need to take a little time first to examine the trend and its ramifications.

  • Keep your brand identity intact

Your brand identity will erode if you impersonally latch onto every internet fad that becomes popular.

  • Attempt to involve your audience.

You must first understand who your audience is and what attracts them before moving on. A trend that becomes viral resembles a popular “event” in many ways.

  • Schedule Your Engagement rightly

You only have a little opportunity to get in on the ground floor after seeing a trend. When a trend explodes, it’s frequently too late to generate substantial participation.


As you can clearly see, there are many tools available for recognizing trends.

It just takes one “viral moment” to bring a brand to the attention of the general public.

The top marketing platforms enable marketers to compile articles, emails, alerts, and creative epiphanies for the development of the next campaigns.

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