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Social Dynamics And Communication Skills

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The importance of one’s personality can’t be overstated. It’s the secret of separating yourself from the pack, the bridge that carries you toward the goals you have yet to reach. We spend a ton of time investing in things that numb us to the reality of how short life is. Entertainment is fun, but how much time do we save for ourselves? How often do we set aside dedicated time for personal development, where we are learning and growing in a way that defines our existence.

To be well rounded, one should find some time to invest in oneself. To be successful, focus on yourself, on your personal growth. Its often seen Income seldom exceeds personal development.Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less.Personal development is a major introspection. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.

Growth is the great separator between those who work for it and those who do not. Growth must be chosen, again and again, fear must be overcome again and again. Growth can only be achieved when we know how to communicate ourselves to the rest of the community. Expression of ours is a bigger means of communication and a wider expression of one’s personality.

Communication is a means by which we share views, ideas and thoughts with each other. In today’s period, it is vital to have good communication skills as it helps us to interact easily. It also helps in exchanging information from one place to others using different modes of exchange like orally, visually or in written form. The main aim of communication is to enhance the use of language in a better way.

Social dynamics can be defined as the behaviour of groups that result from the communications of individuals in a group as well as studying the relationship between personal communications as well as interactions & behaviours at the group level. Today’s scenario necessarily demands social dynamics and communication skills for an individual’s success and growth In our education industry we breed and nurture youngsters who are going to be brand ambassadors in future. And it is the amalgamation of social dynamism and communication skills only which take out best from them. At work, we all meet and interact with individuals coming from varied cultures and backgrounds. One should always try to create a comfort zone while interacting with them, and in this situation, strong social dynamics and communication skills help a lot.

Communication skills can be developed in children through their surroundings. For example, by making eye contact with their parents or by listening to their words or identifying the faces of their siblings, they slowly develop an interpersonal relationship. Based on the daily experiences, children inculcate communication, interpersonal and social skills. So, it is essential to instil these skills in them to make them more social and attentive about the changes going on in their surroundings. Also, effective communication skills will also help them to understand their thoughts, other people.

If we look at some of the successful people, they are likely to be proficient in communication. In order to be an effective leader he/she is expected to be excellent in the ability of social dynamics and needs to have top-notch communication skills. He/ She should have the ability to understand unspoken words, make eye contact and use gestures, Look at Attitude and Feeling. The attitude, behaviour & body language in an individual’s conversation puts a lot of impact on the issue of the talk. The qualities of honesty, peace, optimism, culture, etc. elevate your temperament and improve your communication skills.

The world around us is changing constantly, and so are the people as every one of us are finding ways and means to adapt ourselves to these changes. With time, we recognize that we have changed and adapted to the changes in our environment.

Noticing these changes can make it easier for us to come up with the right words while talking to our colleagues and using the right gestures to make them feel comfortable with us.

Thus, improving our listening skills, Social Dynamic skills and communication skills, understanding non-verbal communication and being aware of the changes that take place within us and others as a reaction to the changes in our environment, can help in building our personality and being successful.

Different schools aim at the development of Social Dynamism and communication skills in their children. For this, a series of activities are done to impart these skills in children. Aspam Scottish School, one of the Top Schools in Noida, in the same series of imparting these skills in its children even during online education series. A variety of activities were done to impart and improve Soft-spoken communication skills in its students. Students under the expert guidance of their teachers learnt to communicate, express and present themselves on various platforms. This not only improved the spoken skills but inculcated immense confidence in the students henceforth improving their personalities and made them Socially Dynamic and well-spoken individuals.

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