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Can your Snapchat Score go up without Opening Snaps?

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Snapchat is a mobile messaging service that allows users to send and receive drawings, texts, photographs, and videos. Your Snapchat score essentially keeps track of all your app activity, including stories you publish, users you add, snaps you send and receive, and more. In order to compete with one another or add trophies to their Snapchat Trophy Case, many users compare their Snapchat scores.

You may have noticed that the number next to your Snapchat username keeps increasing.

This is a Snapchat score, which, according to Snapchat’s website, is a proprietary formula combining the quantity of Snaps you have sent and received, the stories you’ve uploaded, and other criteria. In essence, it displays your level of app activity.

The number will appear next to your username when you swipe down on the Snapchat camera interface to check your score.

To view the amount of sent vs. received snaps, tap your Snapchat score once.

How Does Snapchat Score Work? What Does It Mean?

Your Snapchat score, which gives details about your in-app activity, is shown next to your username. This score is public, so everyone can see it, including other users, who can also see it. Where precisely did this number originate from? Learn more by reading Can Your Snapchat Score Increase Without Opening Snaps.

As was already said, Snapchat has kept its score private. It does, however, often match the quantity of photos you provided and received as well as the narrative you included.

Here is an illustration of how your Snapchat score may look:

  • Your Snapchat score rises one point for every snap you get.
  • You receive a Snapchat point for each snap you send to another Snapchat user. Remember that you will only score one point if you send the same photo to many recipients.
  • By include a snap in your story, you increase your Snapchat score by one point.
  • When you send a snap after returning to Snapchat after a lengthy absence, your Snap score is increased by six points.

Keep in mind that browsing Snapchat stories or sending texts will not earn you points. Therefore, your Snap score will not change no matter how many messages you send and receive.

After adding up all the other factors, if your Snapchat score is different, there are a few more factors that Snapchat has hidden from its users and that nobody has yet discovered.

This may entail meeting new people, maintaining streaks with other users, and so on.

Does Having Unopened Snaps Improve Your Snap Score?

The short answer is yes if you are wondering whether you can improve your Snapchat score even if you do not open other users’ snaps.

Without ever opening a snap, your Snapchat score can increase. This is since using the app does not simply reward you with points when you open snaps.

Sending a few dozen snaps, adding a photo to your story, and even adding friends who add you back can all help you earn a sizable number of points.

Even if you do not open other users’ snaps, all these points contribute to your overall Snapchat score.

Therefore, as you could have anticipated, your score increases each time you open an unread snap. You receive one point for taking this activity, which enhances your Snapchat profile.

Highest Snap Score Ever

You might be curious about the highest score on Snapchat after learning about the Snap score. Since the programme does not offer a scoreboard with the greatest scores, we are unable to provide a conclusive response to this query. On the one hand, this is a beneficial approach that protects its users’ mental health because comparing certain active accounts to others could leave you feeling down. Nevertheless, you may still go through your friends’ Snap scores to see who has the highest.

The situation has been just as challenging in 2022 as it has been in the past. People are still confined to their houses as the epidemic continues apace. More and more users are achieving high Snap scores as a result of everyone seeking to pass the time on social media. The highest Snapchat score ever attained by a user is now over 61 million by the user @dion-19, with a date of July 2022. This astounding total is attained through sending and receiving numerous pictures, adding up to almost 100,000 points per day.

Resetting your Snap Score

Given that the algorithms of the Snapchat app are continually evolving, there is no certain way to make a score on the app zero. Nevertheless, there are a few techniques that, depending on the app version you are using, might be effective. A phoney email address can be used to sign up for an account, which frequently results in a score of 0. As an alternative, you may try to remove your account, although this might not always work.

How is Snapchat score removed?

The settings of the Snapchat app allow users to delete their score. “Clear My Score” is an option under “Additional Services.” All information pertaining to the user’s score will be cleared in this manner, including the total number of snaps delivered and received as well as the points collected for each.

Snap score resets how often?

Each day, your Snap score is refreshed. This is so that the ratings reflect recent activity and Snapchat can make sure users are always active with the app. The software also anticipates that users’ desire to see their score rise would encourage them to send more photographs.


Millions of Snapchat users like the intriguing function known as Snapchat score. You may use this section to challenge your friends to see who can get the highest snap score ever in a friendly competition. You can quickly increase your Snap score if you use the platform frequently and have plenty of friends. As a result, you can earn numerous points every day.

Even though you may increase your Snapchat score without ever opening a snap, this will not happen unless you are making the most of the app.

You must continue using the app and viewing friend’s snaps in order to maintain a high score.

Use the app, even if it is just for a little while, to fast improve your score.

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