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How To Retain IT Talent With The Help of an Automation Strategy?

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In today’s world, where human resources are at a premium, it is more important than ever to retain talent. In a recent study by IBM, it was found that 71% of employees wish to have a long term relationship customer conversations with their employer. It is important to note that if a company can retain a large part of its talent, it will have a competitive advantage over companies that have a high turnover rate.

Are you caught between the twin challenges of attracting and retaining IT talent? Companies are finding it difficult to cope with this talent crunch. According to statistics, Employee turnover in the United States is at the highest in the IT industry with a rate of 13.2%. In addition to this, 69% of US employers struggled to fill the positions in 2020. What’s even worse is that businesses have to pay 50% to 250% more salary for replacements.

The staff turnover rate is at an all time high while employers are finding it difficult to find talent to fill open positions. As a result, employers are spending a lot of time and effort to find and recruit IT talent, and then invest in retraining and re-skilling this talent.

To retain talent, small businesses need to make sure they are offering excellent compensation and perks, great work culture as well as career growth opportunities to employees to retain IT talent. Retaining talent requires a proper automation strategy. Sadly, very few businesses look at automation strategy from this perspective.

In this article, you will learn how to retain IT talent by using an automation strategy.

How Automation Strategy Can Help You Retain IT Talent?

Here is how automation can help you retain your best IT talent.

1. Automation Streamline Processes To Reduce Turnover

With great resignation already in full swing, you might see many of your employees leave your organization, switch jobs or careers or even retire. This can have adverse effects on your organziation if it is too heavily dependent on those people. You need to design processes that can work independently without human interventions. That is where automation comes into play.

Automating your IT and business processes eliminates the variance and subjectivity associated with humans and delivers objective consistency. With automation on your side, you can minimize the negative impacts of higher employer turnover to a certain degree. That is why more and more businesses are adopting automation communities and ditching silos altogether.

2. Automation Can Provide A Sense of Belonging

One of the biggest advantages of creating automation communities is that it facilitates sharing of ideas and benefit from each other’s work. It creates a collaborative environment. The best thing about this environment is that contributions made by each participant is valued and due credit is given to the contributors. You will see a positive influence of this collaborative environment in your organziation. This will make employees feel valued and give them a sense of belonging. This goes a long way in reducing the employee turnover rate and increasing employee satisfaction.

3. Automation Leads To Meaning and Purpose

Just like giving employees a sense of belonging through automation communities, automation can help employees find meaning in their work. Additionally, it will give employees a clear purpose. With employees indulging in meaningful work closely tied to the organziation mission, they will see themselves contributing towards the progress of the organization. Most employees already have a to-do list of meaningful work but they don’t get the time to indulge in those activities. You can reduce their waiting time and make it there to-do list for today.

4. Automation Optimizes Resource Utilization

No matter how efficient your business processes might be, there is always room for improvement. There are always resources which are either underutilized or utilized at all. Automation empowers businesses to put all resources to work and strike a perfect work life balance for employees. This creates a win-win situation for both businesses and employees. Companies can maximize resource utilization and employees can work without getting burned out. This increases your business revenues and increases employee satisfaction, which reduces the risk of employees leaving your company. You can retain more employees and prevent them from switching jobs.

5. Automation Makes Your Employees More Productive

Did you know why a vast majority of IT professionals switch jobs, careers or resign from the positions early? Due to work related stress and employee burnout. IT professionals are the most overworked employees and it takes its toll on their performance.

You can reduce the negative impact by automating mundane and repetitive tasks such as monitoring the buy dedicated server. This frees up your IT team and enables them to focus on value driven activities. This reduces the burden off the shoulders of your IT team who is already understaffed and overworked. You will also see your employee productivity go up after implementing automation.  

6. Automation Seamlessly Integrates With Your Current Workflows and Tools

Have you ever used an IT ticketing system to request for IT services? Some companies manage these requests manually while others might handle it through automation. The best approach is to integrate your ticketing system with an automated workflow. This reduces the burden off the shoulders of your IT team and reduces human involvement.

Since integration also requires support from staff members, they need to understand user needs. Moreover, you need to create userful pre-defined and approved service level  benchmarks for self service. This can go a long way in reducing the need for manual approvals. With automation closely knit into your workflows, you can save a lot of time and achieve more in less time. The faster you can move your production cycle and the more time you can spin the wheel, the better it is for your business growth and revenue generation.

Do you have an automation strategy? If yes, did it help you in retaining your IT talent? Which tactics do you use to retain IT talent? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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