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Just Short the URL with Recut & Amazon URL Shortener

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Twitter only allows 280 characters for postings; however, this URL (or web address) is 118 characters long. There are not many characters left after that to describe the link! Fortunately, there is a simple fix: URL shorteners.

An internet tool known as a URL shortener creates a new, very short URL for you that is simpler to share. It is helpful not only with Twitter but also with email, SMS messaging, and any other circumstance where a lengthy URL would be difficult to manage.

Uses of shortened URL

There are uses for URL shorteners beyond Twitter. A shorter URL is more useful in a variety of situations, such as the following:

  • Emails: Long URLS can occasionally wrap to two or more lines, making them awkward to use.
  • Shortened URLs may appear a little neater on resumes and cover letters.
  • Short URLs are crucial for text messages since the character restriction for most text messages is 160.
  • Phones: A shortened URL can save you time and hassle when directing someone to a certain webpage.

Advantages of URL shortening

Content is a vital part of any marketing strategy. To disseminate such material, you will require the appropriate URLs. You may effectively communicate with your audience while not taking up a lot of room in your social media posts by utilising a URL shortener.

  • Make sharing your material simpler: Customers may learn everything they need to know about your website through concise, branded URLs. Reduced URLs made up of illogical characters and digits are no longer necessary.
  • Create more enticing URLs: URLs that are shorter look more appealing. Even while it might not seem significant, a shorter URL might just be the thing that persuades someone to click on your links.
  • Enables traffic monitoring: includes tracking monitors that track the actions of sharing your tweet or post over a predetermined time frame.

Recut URL Shortener

With your own unique domains, recut makes it easy to make and distribute branded links at scale. Create the ideal URLs for your business using a free URL shortener. With your own unique domains, recut makes it easy to make and distribute branded links at scale.

Infinite possibilities with one short link:

When used wisely, a short link may be a strong marketing tool. Between your consumer and their goal, it serves as a medium rather than merely a link. You can learn so much about your consumers and their habits from a little link.

Clever targeting:

Targeting your audience will help you reach more people and lead them to the right page. In order to capture them, add a pixel to your social media marketing campaign.

Advanced Analytics:

Share your links with your network and track data to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Identify a suitable audience for your message.

Virtual Experience:

Utilize a variety of effective solutions to boost conversion and provide your consumers a non-intrusive experience without alienating them.

Perfect for marketing and sales:

Your conversion rate will go up if you understand your users and clients. With our system, you can keep tabs on everything. You may study the data, whether it relates to the number of clicks, the country, or the referrer.

  • Tools for Redirection.
  • Strong Statistics.
  • Gorgeous profiles.

Effective instruments with power:

With the use of intelligent retargeting, our software enables you to target your consumers in order to better understand their behaviour and give them a better overall experience. To better contact them, we give you access to a variety of strong tools.

  • Link Control Privacy Management.
  • Strong Dashboard.

Amazon URL Shortener

A special tool for shortening Amazon URLs is the Amazon Link Shortener. Your performance as a marketer is strongly impacted by how customers choose links to browse items. Long connections are therefore not in your favour, as you now know for sure.

Use an Amazon link shortener instead since it is an easy-to-use tool for making URLs more appealing and digestible.

A user must thus integrate it in order to benefit from Amazon’s URL shortening service. This function helps you build brand recognition in addition to link shortening.

Amazon Link Shortener Instructions:

Making those convoluted, protracted AMZ affiliate links shorter may be a pain, especially if there are more than 10. Let us face it: manually compressing links takes time and patience, which not everyone has.

Fortunately, there are platforms like that enable you to accomplish the same result quickly and easily. This is how it goes:

  1. Click here:
  2. Register a new account or sign in
  3. In the top right corner, select the “paste a link here” option.
  4. Put your link in the provided text field.
  5. Keep an eye out and see the magic.

Short URL 

A free tool to shorten a URL or link is available at Create a short link using our URL shortener to make it simple to remember.

You may use ShortURL to shorten lengthy URLs from popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, and others by pasting the long URL and clicking the Shorten URL button. Copy the shortened URL from the next screen and share it via chat, email, and websites. Check the number of clicks the URL obtained after being shortened.

You may use your shortened URLs in articles, papers, ads, blogs, forums, instant chats, and other places. You do not need to register to keep track of statistics for your business and projects by keeping an eye on the amount of hits coming from your URL.


Upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and other characters may all be used in shortened URLs. It is crucial to replicate the URL precisely if you ever need to manually duplicate it (whether by typing, writing, or telling it to someone else). 

It does more than simply look prettier when you use an Amazon link shortener. If your audience cannot click on the link directly or copy and paste it into their browser, it also helps you establish a more user-friendly manner for them to find your items on Amz.

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