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Pros and Cons of All-In-One Computers

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We often find ourselves caught in the argument whether all-in-one computers are perfect for computing or not. All-in-one PCs are comparatively a new entry in computer world, they are a type of desktop PCs but not exactly like them. You can even say that all-in-one PCs are laptops with large display and a separate wired or wireless keyboard.

Also called monoblock all in one PC packs all the essentials including processor, RAM, hard drive, motherboard and graphic card in the monitor. All-in-one is a complete package that includes Bluetooth, network card and speakers.

Today we are discussing the pros and cons of all-in-one PCs so you can make up your mind whether you want this device or not.

All-In-One Pros

· Space Saver

All-in-one computers have a pace saving design which makes it easier to fit in small places. As compared to conventional desktop PC this sleek and slim device consumes less space on the desk and under the desk.

· Less Hassle of Wires

Desktop PC owners know how annoying and how difficult it is to work when your table is covered with wires and cables coming out of various components of the computer. But with all-in-one PC you get to work on a neat and tidy desk as there is no clutter of wires attached with it.

· Light Weight

Sharing laptop’s technology it also shares its other qualities like slim design and light weight. All-in-one PCs are much lighter than typical desktop PCs which means they can be easily transported.

You can easily carry it from one room to another especially when you have wireless keyboard and mouse attached to it.

· Cost Effective

With so many extra things and benefits offered by all-in-one PC it still does not cost you a fortune. They are almost of same price as of the tower desktop PC.

However there are some exclusive deals available on all-in-one PCs that let you buy the complete PC on the price of a single tower CPU.

· Choice of OS and Brands

All-in-one PCs come in both MacBooks and other computers which means you get the choice of both of the famous OS’.

If you are willing to spend more you can always buy a MacBook but if you are tight on budget you can go for Windows’ all-in-one PC.

Plus all the latest brands including HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, etc. are producing all-in-ones so you can buy from your favourite brand.

All-in-one Cons

· Limited Upgradability

Like other laptop’s qualities it also shares laptop’s another trait which is it’s difficult to upgrade. All-in-one PCs can seldom be upgraded as it is hard to upgrade them due to their design.

· No Support For Dual Monitor

Most of the all-in-one PCs does not come with an HDMI port which means you cannot expand the viewing area. You cannot connect a second monitor with all-in-one PC.

· No Future-Proofing

As it cannot be easily upgraded so you cannot use latest Information technologies service with it. In all-in-one PCs you have to stick with what you bought on first day till last day, may it be screen, processor, RAM or anything else.

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