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Professional SEO Tools from SEO Studio

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A collection of 22 search engine optimization and marketing tools comprise SEO Studio, which provides high-quality information with no ongoing expenses. The majority of the tools are also local-first, which gives you a head start on the competition.

1. Site and  Resources

The script includes a full public-facing website where users may access tools, register, log in, and other features. This website allows for extensive customization.

2. Admin Console

The script has a complete administration panel that can be used to manage users, update the script, and customize it with a single click.



1. Operational freedom

After installation, the script is ready to use without additional settings. None of the tools depend on any expensive or premium third-party services; they are all entirely free to use.

2. Simple to install

Simply upload a single install.php file to the specified place on your server and open it in your browser to begin the installation process. In just a few minutes, your new website will be operational.


3. Locally focused tools

When analyzing search rankings, keywords, and other data, the script’s capabilities are all local-first (where appropriate), allowing you to pick a target country. Compared to comparable technologies that do not allow a target nation, this data is far more accurate.


4. Multilingual

The script may be translated into any language, including those that read from the right to the left, and it supports numerous languages at once. Additionally, the new auto-translate option can translate the majority of the text in a matter of seconds, saving you time.


5. User administration

Make it possible for users to create their accounts and preserve their domain names for convenient usage across all the tools. Additionally, you may only allow logged-in users to access certain tools, or if you choose, you can altogether disable registration.


6. Adaptable branding

The website may now more easily reflect your brand. The admin interface makes it simple to change the logo, favicon, and color scheme. The bundled SEO & Internet Marketing icon set offers four alternative tool icon variations as well.


7. Adaptable pages

All built-in pages may be readily customized from the admin panel, allowing you to draw in organic search traffic. The tools page may also be controlled by you.


8. Adaptable tools

You can provide unique instructions or other pertinent information in the tools’ custom content. Additionally, you may alter the meta tags for tools, hide or rename them, and even alter their iconography.


9. Regular updates

Over time, web marketing tools degrade. The script has optional automatic updates that make sure it will keep operating for a very long time. You won’t ever have to perform a manual update installation again.


10. Advertising Assistance

You may easily include advertising banners throughout the script from the admin panel if your account with the advertising provider has been approved. 


11. Embedding tools

It is simple to create code snippets to insert particular tools onto other websites. This enables the tools to be included on websites like WordPress.


12. Administration analytics

Simple use data for the previous week are displayed in the admin dashboard so you may monitor the development of your website.


13. Monitoring of tool use

Tracking which tools are being utilized is easy using the admin panel. You can see who is utilizing the tools, their website, and any further inputs made.


14. Email assistance

Emails for password resets and new user verification can be sent by the script. The script may be set up to utilize SMTP, MailGun, SendGrid, or PHP’s default mail settings. Additionally, the email templates may be changed.


How does this script compare to others like it?

The majority of scripts that perform a similar function mix a large number of widely used webmaster tools with fewer search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. This could be effective at driving organic traffic and advertising, but you’ll be up against thousands of other websites offering the same features for free online.

Instead, SEO Studio provides a limited number of tools that are only devoted to search engine optimization. Quality is given precedence over quantity. For individuals interested in search engine optimization, these tools are appealing and helpful, and it might be challenging or even impossible to locate tools of equivalent quality for free online.

These resources are a fantastic offering for your clients and site visitors who are interested in search engine optimization and marketing. They might be utilized privately for your websites or even to produce organic traffic and leads.

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Making use of WordPress

Because it is a standalone PHP script, WordPress cannot be used to install it as a plugin. You may, however, install this script independently (for example, in a subdirectory on your WordPress website) and then use the tool embedding functionality to add certain tools to your WordPress pages, exactly like shortcodes!

Feel free to use the live demo to give it a try. The live demo tools will provide a link to this page that may be posted on your website; however, if you use your installation, the link won’t be there. Additionally, you may alter the tools’ color palette to better fit that of your website.

Please make sure you’re utilizing a shared hosting plan that permits you to upload unique PHP scripts and create new MySQL databases, often using cPanel, if you want to do this. You won’t be able to accomplish these things with all WordPress hosting plans. For websites hosted by WordPress.com, for instance, this won’t function.


Sources of data

This script is a web scraper, which means it gets its information from other websites by pretending to be one of those websites’ regular users. The current sources are listed here:

  • Web search engine Google
  • Web search engine Bing
  • SpyFu: keyword & traffic research
  • Researching keywords for surfers
  • Backlinks for WebMeUp
  • Speed testing at Pingdom

For any of the aforementioned services, you are not required to register or pay. After installation, the tools start working right away. I have gladly upheld this pledge since 2016 and will continue to do my best to locate a successor if these data sources ever go offline.

For automated updates, automatic problem reporting, and anonymous use data, the script also connects to my server.

For automated updates, automatic problem reporting, and anonymous use data, the script also connects to my server. Your tools will continue to function even if my server becomes unavailable since you can quickly disable each of these from the installer or admin panel.

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(Optional) Premium data sources

I’ve just started including premium data sources into the script for individuals looking for higher data quality and/or dependability. All of them are purely optional. Current premium sources are listed below:

For approved countries, Keywords Everywhere ($10 per 100,000 keywords) provides difficulty and trend statistics for keyword research.

The necessary tools will start utilizing their data where appropriate as soon as a premium source is activated. 

Server specifications

  • MySQL and curl extensions for PHP 5.6 or more
  • MySQL 5.5+

Although not essential, the following PHP extensions come highly recommended:

  • Up to 16x performance gain for the SERP tools using php_xml
  • Significantly quicker multilingual support with php_mbstring
  • For all languages, php_intl provides accurate tokenization (word splitting).

Note that this script also functions in subdomains and subdirectories. Rarely, under certain circumstances, the .htaccess file from the parent website might conflict with the script.

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