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The Little Positive Thought is the Teacher…

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The Little Positive Thought is the Teacher…

Little Positive Thought Little Positive Thought was very exhausted, extremely exhausted. Many people were waiting for him in 2020 to overcome the emotion of fear, sadness, or anger … and to simply go on with their lives…

The first day of the year was a long way off, and the man was feeling tired and lonely… but wishing for a positive feeling to remain in his mind! He then, in a flash, thought of what his classmate had said to him, Miss. Hope for the final morning of the school year:

“When you’re not able to do something on your own, get the help of others! If they aren’t sure how to assist you, teach them… “

On the very first date of the year 2021 words of the teacher are taking on a whole new meaning for the minds of Little Positive Thinking. He realized that all of his coworkers could turn into positively thinking… provided they were taught the steps to take. Yes, the Sad Thought as well as the Fearful Thought, and the Unhappy Thought… even the Disgusted Thought and the angry thought… All are able to help !.

At the beginning of 2021 the Little Positive Thought learned to be a great teacher, and at that point the world started to change…

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Positive Thought Pandemic Positive Thought Pandemic

Since the time that PANDEMIC was introduced, Positive Thought has rarely had its own allies. At times, while he was walking before the House of Thought, “I’m terrified. However, they didn’t get to see each other again!

With the Sad Thought , he was able to see himself a few times. As usual, Sad Thought had tears in his eyes. However, unlike before, the Little Positive Thought couldn’t even keep the boy with his hands…

When he first met Happy Thought, he didn’t think he was wearing the traditional smile, as the mask was covering his face. It was a good thing Happy Thought had big eyes and his eyes were always filled with an ethereal light that appeared to be a lot like an expression of smile!

When he returned home, Little Positive Thought was always home. Little Positive Thought carried with his backpack something that was from the time he had a meeting with other people. The Little Positive Thought, too, began to become slightly scared. He woke suddenly with a huge tear , and was unsure of the reason he was crying. Then, one day He began to think about whether it was really a Positive Little Thought , or whether he could be somewhere else -perhaps a sad idea, a fearful thought, or perhaps just half-happy?

He was like a mirror of other people and wasn’t sure the best way to deal with it. Then one day, after his teacher Mrs. Hope finished her class and asked him to stay online and ask questions. He shared with her his anxieties.

Can I continue to have a little positive even if I am a bit a part of the “I’m afraid? What is the reason I carry each of them within me? He asked her.

“Everything is good, I’m so glad,” smiled Professor Hope. It’s just the way it is the case that in every positive thought, there is an element of anxiety, a bit of sadness and a great deal of joy… It’s true there are people in your life, but as you are able to carry them and make them feel better. you help them find an equilibrium. The thought “I’m afraid

  And Sad Thinking will feel less depressed after having you meet. Everyone needs to know why you have to move on and they’ll need you to trust that everything will be okay!

Positive thinking is a good idea at first. (Most of us would like to be positive, not negative.) However, “positive thinking” is an ethereal and squishy phrase that’s easy to dismiss. In reality it doesn’t carry the same significance as “work ethical” and “persistence.”

However, these views could be shifting.

The research is starting to show that positive thinking involves more than having a smile or positive attitudes. Positive thinking can bring an impact in your life , and can enable you to develop abilities that last longer than just a smile.

Positive thinking’s impact in your career, well-being, and even your lifestyle is currently being researched by experts who are more intelligent than I am. One of them includes Barbara Fredrickson.

Fredrickson is an expert in positive psychology in the University of North Carolina and she has published a groundbreaking research paper that offers surprising insight regarding positivity and the effect on your abilities. Her research is among the most read and quoted in her field. It can be extremely useful in daily life.

Let’s talk about Fredrickson’s research and what it could mean for your life…

What negative thoughts can do to Your Brain?

Join me for a second.

Let’s say you’re out in the forest and then a tiger walks across the road in front of you. If this happens your brain is able to register the negative emotion such as, in this case fear.

The field of research has long recognized that negative emotions can cause your brain to perform certain actions. If a tiger is in your path, for instance and you are scared, you take off. The outside world doesn’t have any significance. Your attention is solely on the tiger, its terror it causes, and the ways you can escape it.

The way to put it is that negative emotions can impede your thinking and force your thoughts to focus. At the same time you may be able to climb an oak tree, pick up the leaf, or even grab the stick, but your brain isn’t thinking about any of these options since they appear unimportant when a tiger is at your feet.

This is a good strategy to save your life or life, but in our contemporary world, we don’t need to worry about running into wild animals in the wilderness. The issue is that the brain has been in a state of being programmed to react to negative emotions the same way – by shutting out the external world and restricting what that you can see surrounding you.

For instance, if you are in a heated argument with someone, the anger and emotions could consume you to the point that you’re not able to think of other things. When you’re overloaded with all the things you need to do on this day, you might be unable to begin anything since you’re overwhelmed by the length of the list of tasks. Also, if you’re feeling uneasy about exercising or eating well the only thing you think about is the lack of willpower you possess and how lazy you are and how you’re lacking any motivation.

In every instance your brain shuts itself off from the world outside and concentrates on negative emotions such as fear as well as anger and stress, just like the Tiger. The negative emotions block your brain from focusing on the alternatives and possibilities that are available to you. It’s your survival instinct.

Now, let’s look at this with what positive emotions can do in your mind. This is the place Barbara Fredrickson returns to the story.

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