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How Podcast SEO Optimisation Techniques will help to Generate More Traffic

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Podcasts are now considered a sought-after option for the consumption of content. Though they are not a new form of content, there is a surge in the number of people retrieving the same. They form an interesting mode while aiming to grow more traffic.

In the upcoming few years, Podcast SEO will be a common term among online marketers, SEO professionals, podcast hosts, etc. But what is actually meant by podcast SEO, and how can you optimise it?

Please go through the following section to know about it in detail.

At the beginning of 2019, Google stated that podcasts would appear in search results. Users can search for a podcast and get to see episodes directly from the results. The podcast indexing will provide audio content which you can see instantly.

How will the podcasts be displayed?

Similar to how video contents have separate sliders; podcasts will also be provided with the same. Plus, users can listen to it without moving to another page.

With the help of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Google can also skip to specific timestamps in a podcast to persuade search queries. The reason is that the maximum number of individuals listens to podcasts while travelling and a characteristic to skip to the relevant portion is a satisfactory consumer experience.

How to make your Podcast SEO friendly?

Whether you are willing to start a podcast or you already have it going, you must be well-accustomed with the SEO-friendly techniques to obtain visibility.

Here are some tips:

  • Understand the trend

As you do it in case of an article or written content, you must know about the most searched topics and keywords for podcasts. In the picture shown below, an SEO related topic is searched.

The first two results “Dark Mode for Websites” and “SEO Audits” can be considered. Besides, you can also count “Travel SEO.” These are the first stages in carrying out keyword research. As soon as you get hold of a set of keywords, you can arrange questions that will organically function in them.

With regards to the given an example, consider that you will run a podcast on feasible techniques to conduct website audits. Here are some of the top questions associated with the topic.

  • Grow a podcast voice

Google’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming abilities are improvising in selecting verbalised keywords. Note that, staying quiet or mumbling will make it challenging for artificial intelligence bots.

Therefore, you must have a powerful podcast voice such that Google can comprehend the maximum number of phrases and keywords. Those who are beginners may find a bit difficult to speak comfortably in a mic.

  • Transcript

Transcription of podcasts is a hectic task based on how long the episodes are. You can get hold of an ample number of tools which can transcribe the audio files.

  • Make chapters

Keep in mind to split the podcast into small chapters. This enables user experience by allowing listeners to move to the portion they are looking for.

  • Curate a write-up

If the podcast episodes are live on a website, attaching a write-up with each episode can be a favourable option. It will provide a readable content on the podcast’s page, and the users can get an idea about what they expect before hitting play.

Like other forms of content on your website, make sure to put keywords organically.

  • Upload your podcasts to Google Podcasts

If you do not upload your episodes to Google Podcasts, make sure to add it to your RSS feed. It is one of the simplest ways to enhance your website’s SEO presence. Moreover, you will also be shown as an audio snippet.

Besides writing tons of material and influence content marketing, creation of podcasts is another feasible solution to draw in more traffic. Ideally, you should follow both. Construct a catchy and unique topic and put attention to sound quality. These will help in growing connection with the future audience. Nevertheless, you can also reach out to a reputed Content Writing Services for optimised podcast material.

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