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On-demand taxi-hailing application: Travel at your convenience

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The traffic rate is increasing every day, people are finding it challenging to commute with their vehicle. They are looking for methods to reach the destination on-time. The on-demand taxi booking application provides, picks up from their location, and drops them according to the estimated time. The Lyft Clone app is a  safe platform for users to find their ride to travel. Unique ride code ensures secure and safe travel for both its users and drivers. The application has separate modules for users, drivers, and administrators. Apart from that, it provides a regular wage for drivers. Drivers can use GPS services for navigation purposes.The earnings dashboard lists the money earned by the drivers. The admin module has the features to handle payments, regulate notifications, and provide offers and discounts.

The growth of the taxi-hailing app is significant. It is estimated, Uber and Ola have made revenue of  1.414 crores USD and 2222 crores USD in the year 2019 and 2018, respectively. The main reason for the growth of these taxi-hailing services is that it assists at the estimated time. Fare is decided on the distance to be traveled and market demand at the moment. Nowadays, people prefer the taxi-hailing app to the traditional method. Therefore the Ola clone development will venture profits to the users.

Features of Ola clone app:

User App

These are the following features of Ola clone at the user’s end: 

  • Personalized carpooling: Users can add multiple stops, stops are the location where drivers will wait. When a group of friends is using the app, they can use it to travel together.
  • Wallet: Once users login, each user has a wallet. Where they can add money and use it for future rides. There are two ways of using the service: by adding money whenever we require from banks or through cards, and the second method involves linking the Paytm account to the ola clone. By this method, the money gets automatically paid through the wallet.
  • Favorite locations: Users can label their preferred location or use the existing tags. When the pins are typed, it gets replaced in the search.
  • Multiple payment methods: Upon completion of the ride, users can either pay using Paytm or cash.
  • Minimal storage: Application uses minimal mobile storage; most of the storage involves the cloud storage of the service provider. 
  • Feedback: Users can give feedback upon the completion of the services. Based on the input provided, batches are allocated to the agents.

Agents App

These are the following features of Ola clone at the agent’s end: 

  • Navigation: The agents can make use of GPS services for navigation purposes. Map gets updated continuously according to the driver’s location.
  • Receive payment: After the completion of each ride, the driver receives payment on their agreement with the application owner. Uber gets a 25% and Ola 20% commission fee and an additional booking fee of 1 dollar.
  • Toggle status: The chauffeur has two status options: available and unavailable. At the available status, they receive a ride. Drivers can accept the ride when they are on a trip. They can either take or reject the customer. During the unavailable status, they will not get any customers.

Admin Panel

These are the following features of Ola clone at the admin’s end: 

  • Manage Dashboard: The admin can view the customer’s count in each domain. They can regulate the content in the application.
  • Send notification: It enables them to send messages to users and provide discounts and vouchers. The admins can also answer to the queries of users.
  • Handle Earnings: They can view the business made at various intervals. It also represents earnings as a graph and provides suggestions for areas for improvement.

Find it what Benefits of on-demand Mobile Application Improvement 

The prominent business model in Ola clone development:

  • Aggregator model: This model connects the users, taxi drivers, and the admin. When the connection is established, it enables the user to communicate with the driver. The driver status is tracked and updated at each stage in the application.
  • Ownership model: The model governs the development of statistics to view the number of users, profits made, and regulating ad campaigns.
  • Revenue generation model: The model has ways to increase the revenue of the owners. It includes different fare according to the type of ride like Auto, car, Premium car, etc.

Summing up

On-demand taxi booking services have made commuting easier for people. The features like ride-sharing are essential for safety purposes, especially for the commuters who travel late at night. The call masking option protects the mobile number of the users. For the on-demand Ola clone app development, it should have all these necessary features. The market has a steady growth so that it will be a good investment for any newcomer. 

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