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All You Need to Know About Noise Cancellation and its Types

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Noise cancellation simply refers to blocking out background noise. But let’s be clear: No noise-cancelling headphones can eliminate all sound; they can only considerably lower outside noise, creating the impression that the noise is silenced. However, when the phrase “active noise cancellation” is used, it signifies that the headphones are actively searching for noise to block it out.

There are basically two sorts of noise cancellation: one in the microphone, and other in the headphones. The first type makes it easier for the person on the other end of the line to hear your voice rather than the noise in the bar from which you are calling. The second version shields the user from being bothered by the same bar noise.

How does noise cancelling operate?

The low frequency noise that is present in places like aeroplanes, trains, helicopters, and other similar locations is effectively blocked by the noise cancelling feature of the headphones. No matter how effective the ENC or ANC are, you will still hear some noise since it will only lower the noise, not fully eliminate it. Additionally, both technologies depend on their built-in microphones to function correctly, so while using headphones, avoid covering them.

Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)

An algorithm called Environmental Noise Cancellation is useful exclusively for making phone calls. ENC assists in cancelling out background noise while you are on the phone in a noisy environment so that the other person can hear you more clearly. Therefore, in practise, you cannot experience ENC, but the person you are chatting with on the phone can hear your voice clearly and detect less background noise. The ENC cannot be turned ON or OFF.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Another type of noise cancellation algorithm is Active Noise Cancellation.

Waves are how sound travels. The microphone in your headphones or earbuds records the outside sound as waves, and when you wear them, they produce an opposite wave or sound that cancels out the outside noise and makes it silent when you hear them. The greatest diagram for understanding ANC is provided here. If you want it or not, you may switch ANC ON or OFF. The cost of the earbuds or headphones affects the ANC’s quality.


In order to cancel out existing noise, active noise cancellation (ANC) entails putting additional noise on top of it. Technology has enabled the creation of a noise that may mask unwanted noises.

Environmental noise cancellation, or ENC, on the other hand refers to the process of eliminating background noise or simply environmental noise.

Environmental and active noise-cancelling headphones are both readily accessible on the market. For those who need to concentrate on their job, these over-ear headphones are perfect. This artwork may also be used by travellers as a place to relax. They can put it on sleep, which will let them prevent the disruption to their sleep. These headphones may be used for video games as well.

Wherever you are calling from and it is noisy. ENC will reduce background noise and improve call quality for the receiver.

The ANC, on the other hand, is solely concerned with speakers. This indicates that the listener will get isolated, clear sound while all extraneous noise (apart from the originating signal) will be blocked.

ENC is Environmental Noise CancellationANC is Active Noise Cancellation
ENC utilises earphone microphones.The ANC is dealing with speakers in every way.
ENC is excellent for the recipient of a call (who is listening to the call).ANC is excellent at shielding users from the universe.
ENC only reduces ambient noise.ANC is ideal for watching movies, listening to music, and consuming other media when travelling or in busy places.

4 Free noise-cancelling Windows apps in 2022

  1. Krisp

A software called Krisp uses real-time noise cancellation to eliminate all ambient noises during conversations and recordings.

Any conference, texting, recording, or streaming application that takes Krisp as its audio input can use it. Simply turn it on once, and the device will automatically muffle noises coming from both sides of the discussion. You will not have to spend a lot of time getting ready for a meeting or presentation since the Krisp widget can even warn you if any sounds are degrading the quality of your audio.

  1. Solicall 

For Windows, there is a noise-cancelling programme called Solicall that was created exclusively for calls. Through two noise reduction technologies—profile-based and reference-based—it seeks to enhance the audio quality and cloud-based echo cancellation of your phone conversations.

Profile-based noise reduction technique reduces background noise by concentrating on the speaker’s voice. The programme recognises the speaker’s speech and distinguishes it from the audio signal.

  1. Audacity

Have a recording already, but it needs that crystal-clear sound? Professional podcasters and video producers frequently use Audacity to reduce or eliminate background noise from their recordings. Using the programme, you may exclude background noises that are obstructing your voice and apply interesting effects.

Additionally, you may use it to reduce ambient background noises so that they do not obstruct the dialogue or distract listeners. Please take note that the feature just filters sounds based on loudness, sensitivity, and frequency smoothing; it does not eliminate noises.

  1. Noise Blocker

An alternative form of noise cancelling programme for Windows is called Noise Blocker. It operates by pre-recording the sounds you wish the tool to block off during upcoming conversations or streaming. Imagine it as a library that you create and then utilise to keep your audio clean.

Although the feature is simple to use, recording the sounds you want the app to eliminate before the start of a call can make the process cumbersome. In order to stop undesirable noises from getting through to the listener, Noise Blocker then compares news sounds during a live conversation to those you captured beforehand.


Even though ANC neutralises noise better than ENC, there is no victor or loser in this comparison because both technologies relate to various aspects of the headphones. The ideal option if you are wanting to purchase new headphones or earbuds is to choose a pair that features both ENC and ANC.

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