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New ways, New strategy: A Guide to Digital Marketing

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Summary:  Marketing these days has been made essential to thrive in the digital world. If you are entering into selling your product without a proper marketing strategy, you’re sure to lose. Earlier, marketing services focused on heavy advertising through billboards, newspapers, and TV. But as gradually the world adapted to technology, the marketers found it best to shift towards a digital form of marketing.

Hence, digital marketing emerged. It is no difficult phrase to understand, ‘digital’ means ‘involving technology’ and ‘marketing’ is the ‘act of selling’.

Earlier when we traveled through roads we saw numerous billboards advertising their products. Also, everyday newspapers brought in a lot of ads along with the news. This generation has seen the face of advertisement in every form. Now, the technology has evolved from large posters to smartphones. Instagram, Facebook, and Google catch more eyeballs than posters along the roadside. Thus, shifting the dynamics of marketing is also essential. Here comes the concept of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the concept of selling services through online platforms like Social Media, SEO, mobile apps, etc. Today the consumers are all around hanging on social media platforms and scrolling through products. Thus, the job of a digital marketer is to captivate those consumers. Sell them the right thing at the right place. Digital marketing is spread all over social media platforms.

Today’s consumers start forming their decisions by scrolling online. They look for the most feasibly available solutions to meet their requirements. Thus, digital marketing is no different from traditional marketing because earlier also, the customers used to go through various options before making a final purchase.

Hence, the key is to pitch in your idea at the right place & the right time. An online presence is very essential in today’s time, regardless of what you sell. Even services as small as plumbing are available online. An effective digital marketing agency needs to be present in all the places where their potential consumers are already surfing and use different channels to connect with them.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is long spun net that involves various dynamics:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – it is the practice of taking a piece of online content and optimizing in order to increase the Google rank. For example, if someone is selling curtains online with the help of a website, he would want people to see his website first. Thus, he will have to make certain adjustments in the form of keywords, tags, backlinks, and other tools to make his website rank on the first page.
  • Content Marketing- content marketing is the strategy of creating high quality content for the target audience on a consistent basis. This way a strong relationship would be built with the consumers & they will prefer your product before your competitor’s product.
  • Social media marketing- it is synonymous to digital marketing. As the name suggests, social media marketing is used to promote products through social media platforms. Many of such platforms have in-built data analytics tools which enable them to track the progress and engagement of ad-campaigns.
  • Pay per click marketing (PPC) – in the realms of internet, PPC is a tool that allows advertisers to place ads on search engines, social media platforms and third-party websites. They are paid a certain amount whenever an ad is clicked. Unlike normal advertising, here the advertiser pays only when his ad gets clicked. It establishes control of the advertiser over third-parties.
  • Affiliate Marketingit is the process of promoting other company’s products. The publishers get paid every time they sell the other company’s products. It is synonymous to revenue sharing.
  • Email marketing- it is ranked as the best marketing channel in the run of social media and other SEO tools. It is the process of sending promotional messages to the target consumers’ email. It is done to generate leads and sales.
  • Conversion rate optimization- it is the process of converting traffic into leads. In simple words, increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website. 
  • Mobile app marketing- this is the most significant form of marketing these days. Everyone is hooked with their mobile phone. Hence, you need to generate apps with user-friendly interface to reach customers.
  • App and Web Analytics- these tools are used to analyze customers’ behavior and make strategies for generating more leads.

Strategies of Digital Marketing

Integrating all the aforementioned digital marketing tactics one at a time may lead to a successful marketing career. You need a strong approach and even a stronger base before diving into the pool of digital marketing.

 Spotting a “shiny tactic” every week and leading with another will not help. Consistency is essential for establishing your foot in the business.

The core ways to build your future strategies are-

  • Content for updating the traffic with every day news.
  • Social media activeness to share your services.
  • Using proper SEO tools to optimize your content so that it achieves a rich rank.
  • Advertising to let people see what you’ve got to offer. It helps in driving the maximum leads.
  • Email marketing or SMS service to follow up with the consumers.
  • Define your goals about what you want to sell.
  • Define your target consumers and generate them into leads
  • Plan with a proper strategy and understand that market is flexible every day.

Benefits of digital marketing

  • With the concept of digital marketing coming in handy, the consumers don’t have to spend hours marching from shop to shop. All the available items which are required come through digital marketing.
  • The marketers have the benefit over traditional customers because now they can gauge the reaction of their consumers. They don’t just sell and sit, instead a bunch of teams are deployed just for analyzing the reaction of the consumers. They make sure that the consumers return again. They analyze the valuable customer feedback.
  • They can also monitor the reach of their campaign and its effectiveness among the masses. For this, they target a particular demographic group and work on them to generate leads.
  • Everything remains in their control, right from the generation of leads to controlling the time about which a particular ad is being played. Also, they could analyze the competitor’s reactions.

Before entering the dynamics of digital marketing, you need to be proficient in some of the skills so that new opportunities are grasped efficiently.

  • Brand Development & Branding
  • Competitive research
  • Content Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Security and Privacy of Consumer Data

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Learning marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to be proficient. Hence, don’t get overwhelmed by the first good thing you do. Build your success bit by bit.

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