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New Mobile Media Review 2022: Real or Fake

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A new mobile app for making money online is the new Mobile Media App. They assert that performing some pointless chores and recommending more individuals can earn people money. To earn money, you must put money into a virtual machine. It was referred to as an equipment Rentable Server. To buy this equipment, you must reload the app with the required sum. A recharge must cost at least 260 rupees.

It is a worldwide corporation that is rumored to have been founded in America in 2020. One of the largest advertising agencies is NMM, with which 10500 businesses are affiliated. About 10,000 businesses have partnered with NMM, and we will help them. 

NMM’s recent mobile media history

Speaking about the Nmm company’s history, it is an American multinational that does business online and runs adverts even though there are already a lot of businesses like it on the market.

NMM’s history is not very old, but according to the firm’s distributors, it was hard to accept NMM at first since it wasn’t an Indian company and there were already a lot of similar businesses operating in the market.

The dependable commercial partners of the new mobile media app include Zippo, Valvoline, Gregdry, HiFiman, Origins, and Tomo.

Downloading New mobile media app

The Google Play Store no longer allows for the installation of the New Mobile Media App. However, the mobile media app may have already been downloaded from the Google Play Store. However, because of the unfavorable reviews, this app has been removed from the Google Play Store.

You must download the Mobile Media App’s APK file from certain sources and install it on your device if you want to keep using the app. It is not advised to download it with the intention of earning money, though.

How to get the new mobile media application

To sign up for this bogus app, you must download it and click the provided referral link. The registration screen will open after downloading. In order to register for this app, you must provide your cellphone number.

It’s never advised to download this software and enter your private information for the purpose of earning bitcoin. Applications of this sort will come and go. However, another fraudulent company will purchase your phone number.

NMM Income Plan

NMM (New Mobile Media) agents claim that their organization does not operate like a multi-level marketing firm and that you do not need to establish a business for between $10,000 and $15,000 as is often believed.

You must pay a significant sum of money to begin your network marketing business with companies like Amway, Oriflame Sweden, Vestige marketing, and the Tupperware industry. Even then, there are several issues to deal with.

In Nmm, there are three methods to make money:-

  • The smart device-derived daily wage of 50–4800 rupees.
  • When you get friends to join your team and earn referral fees.
  • In addition to the aforementioned benefits, if your team is big enough, you can also get weekly pay. 1000‐9000 Rs.

How to join NMM?

In terms of joining the Nmm digital business, anyone may do so and use it to connect with a lot of people. You may also register yourself through the company’s official website and any nmm (new mobile media) agent, but you must meet certain conditions before you can work for the organization.

  • Android mobile
  • Authentic cellphone number
  • Email ID
  • Pan card and Aadhar card
  • App NMM Business
  • Package Nmm membership

How New Mobile Media App Works

These websites and apps are created with the intention of luring visitors in. They first engage clients with appealing programmes before presenting them with a selection of plans and ideas. Once users gain confidence, they begin recommending friends and making large contributions. The fraudster then deletes the app with their whole bank account.

Is investing in a new mobile media app a safe choice?

It is risky to make an investment in new mobile media app. Because fraudulent applications never provide a guarantee for your money. Even giving your bank account details and mobile number to this sort of application is not safe.

It is advised against using your money to purchase this software. Because you will make a significant profit within the first week the app is available and may easily withdraw your money to your account. The withdrawal procedure may eventually fail for a number of fictitious reasons.

Numerous fraudulent earning programs entered the market and quickly disappeared without allowing users to redeem their winnings. By examining the domain in or whois lookup, you may quickly identify the phony programme.

The bulk of these applications originates from countries with a terrible reputation for fraud and scams, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Arizona, Iceland, and Iceland. Avoid using this type of programme. These will first provide daily income and substantial profits. But in the future, these will also misuse your personal information.

Review of a New Mobile Media App

The new mobile media app originally generated a healthy profit, and there were no reported withdrawal issues. This software gradually developed a withdrawal problem as well. Most of the users of this programme have left extremely negative remarks about New Mobile Media App on YouTube comments. Never put your confidence or money into this type of application.

Genuine or fake? New Media App for Mobile

A viable app is not The New Mobile Media Earning App. This mobile programme is a scam. It is never suggested that someone invest money in this mobile media app in order to generate money. Please do your homework before buying this type of software to learn about the experiences of other users.


It is not advised to generate money and invest in the New Mobile Media App. It could provide you with rewards at first. However, over time, they can decide to keep your money for a pointless reason.

Any instances of money laundering and fraudulent applications can be reported online to the Cyber Crime Department.

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