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Instagram Features That Matters Most For Marketing

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Is Instagram good for marketing? If yes, then why is Instagram great for marketing?

Social media platforms often release updates to compete with their competitors. For social media users, it is great, and for marketers, it is overwhelming. Among popular social media platforms, today, we will discuss Instagram’s marketing tactics. Let’s dive into a complete list of Instagram features that matter most for marketing strategy without any delay.

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Top Instagram features that matter most for marketing in 2022

Using the same marketing strategy on all platforms every time is not fruitful. You need to change your marketing tactics. And to enhance your Instagram market, make the most use of Instagram features. But before making use of features for Instagram marketing, Instagram marketers need to know about their target audience, their likes and dislikes, and what type of content the audience wants to see from them.

Instagram offers you an abundance of features, but we will discuss only the top features that matter most for marketing in 2022.

Story Links

There was a time when the Instagram story link was available for users who had more than 1 thousand followers. But thanks to recent updates on Instagram, which make it possible for everyone to add links to the Story. The small brand marketers who have just started their Instagram marketers can use the “Story Links” feature to drive the users to their official websites and product page.

Calendar Tool

Since you are here to know the features that matter most for marketing, it is obvious you have your Instagram account as a business profile. The days are gone when you need the third-party application to track the activities of more than the last two months using “Calendar Tools.” 

It helps you plan what types of content you should post in the future. 


Like Snapchat, Instagram users can add short clips and pictures with or without using filters in their Story. Instagram Story is the key that helps to build a large audience and increase the views rate. Post the pictures that reflect your brand and try to make it creative. The posted Instagram story will be available for 24 hours, but Instagram users can see it as many times. Also, you can add that posted Story in your highlights. Instagram highlights will help you include information about your brand or business to your audience. In addition to that, you can pin the important informative content. Unlike normal Instagram Story, Instagram Highlights will never expire.

Reels Video

Inspired by the social media platform Tiktok, Instagram offers the feature name “Reels,” which allows users to create a video reflecting their brand. If the small marketers are creative, they can use this feature to stand out from the crowd. You can add background music to the video. If you wonder what types of content to include in videos, you can make videos like behind the scene, brand announcements, and Q&A.

You can also use the Reels video to reply to your audience’s queries. It helps to build strong communication. Besides reel videos, you can use the normal videos to grab the public’s attention. Instagram videos are assumed to generate more user engagement rates than static Instagram posts. Before posting the videos on Instagram feeds, you can tag your location and add filters and captions.


 Hashtags on Instagram are important for markets because it helps to improve the engagement rate. Use up to 30 hashtags on one post but only relevant. Do deep research and include only those hashtags that suit your brand.

Go Live feature

The Instagram Live video feature helps Instagram marketers to build their brand transparency and authenticity. According to the latest Instagram Algorithm, they both play an important role. You can add Instagram influencers to increase engagement rates when you are on Live. Talk with your audiences, connect with them, and solve their queries if they have any. You can add the broadcast Instagram live video to your Insta Story, but you can immediately discard it if you don’t want to do so.

Besides the features mentioned above, you can use Add Yours, Find Creators, Story Auto-Captions, Collab, Shopping with AR features, and enhance your Instagram market. Don’t limit yourself; try different features. Also, you can use the social media management tools like SproutSocial to manage the comments and monitor Hashtags. Scheduling your Instagram posts is possible with third-party social media management tools.


This article covers a complete guide to Instagram features that helps in marketing. But you should not rely only on the features of Instagram to make your business successful. However, you can use these features to make a good marketing strategy, content marketing, and influencer marketing and increase the engagement rate on your Instagram posts. Set a target goal and put in your best effort to be successful. 

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