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Website Design: Importance of Code Quality and Coding Standard in Web Development

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Code quality is a crucial functional part of the software. There are multiple ways to apply code, as web designers and developers use the code. Generally, programmer professionals implement code to improve website functionalities. 

Code quality calibrates the performance of code, how perfectly it communicates between developers. Developers can change the code in similar software, but the quality of code must remain similar throughout. A professional programmer designs a quality code that is simple, clean, bug-free, well-tested, documented, refactored, and performant. Additionally, the initial measure of high-quality code in order with the required specification that depends on the requirements f the company.

Code quality is not a current metrics for code. The topic came into the limelight in 1970. Now code quality has become a necessity to design a professional website. Presently around 90% of business website owners use code review tools to improve code quality. There is no single way to evaluate the code quality, as parameters alter according to business requirements.  

Web designers measure the code quality with key metrics, including maintainability, reliability, portability, testability, and reusability.

Why is code quality so important in web development?

After defining the basic meaning of code quality, here we will focus on its importance. Now software developers and web developers consider code quality an inevitable part of the software and web functionality. 

We will give you five crucial points on why code quality is much essential for web development.

Build potent software

 If quality code is implemented in your software, the end-users feel awkward doing something wrong. Do you know why? Because the software will send an alarming message for doing so. The quality code has the potential to block immoral end-user activity. It is also colloquially known as the robustness of quality code. The software can handle the error during application in unusual conditions. You can find clear and understandable error messages from a high-end website of superior quality software for end-users.

Improve readability and the scope of editing

Professional code quality is well written in such a format that makes them highly readable. Proper indentation, comments, clear notations, and simplicity make the code-free flow to read. 

If you use a good quality, the editing part also seems easy. Editing code becomes a comfortable job with superior-quality code. 

An improved code is easy to read and convenient to edit. The code is more straightforward to communicate and supports inter-term learning.

Making feasible program

Software is considered worthwhile when it can survive for a longer period with minor alteration. The average longevity of software is around five to six years, but poor-quality software does not exist even three years. It happens due to constant changes in hardware, development of programs, and shift in software depreciation. It isn’t easy and sometimes challenging to perform a transformation on the below quality code. 

Recommend easy transferability

As discussed previously, a superior-quality code has high readability and is convenient to edit. Another important factor is that code quality makes communication across all platforms straightforward. The software has to work on multiple platforms. So, it is vital to have easy transferability with a nominal required alteration.

Reducing technical debt

Website design is not a low-budget job. User experience matters the most in the case of business websites. But a website with poor quality code is set to fail easily unless a serious number of revisions are bought into the program repetitively, increasing the technical debt. The excess development process requires time and capital. Whereas, if you use high-quality code to design your website, it will provide long-term support with fundamental alterations. 

What is the coding standard?

Coding standard is a series of procedures for any type of programming language specific to a programming method, style, and different approaches taken as crucial attributes of the software development cycle. A coding standard will assure all the developers working on the project are considering specific guidelines and protocols. After the end of the project, the program code must look similar, just like a single professional has made it stretch.

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Importance of coding standard in web development

If standard coding procedure not followed, developers may face different negative outcomes, including:

ü Performance issues. It comprises different factors, including when any end-user is interacting with a web application or the software, reusability, server response issues, continuity of the code, etc.

ü Security concerns. Software or web application becomes prone to cyber-attack if it contains many bugs, error in logic and other inconsistency. Most of the security issues come from programming code the result of poor coding practice.

The professional web development company follows code quality and coding standards to build a professional web application or software. It improves the longevity as well as functionality of your website.

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