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HROne To Redefine Employee Engagement With These Unique Features

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After the recent launch of HROne- World’s First Inbox For HR; HROne has rolled out an all new set of features to with an aim to increase the employee engagement in organisations. 

While the software wholly is already helping companies save 1000s of man hours, boost productivity and make strategic moves with the help of analytics; the features rolled out to ameliorate engagement are made after carefully understanding the different relationships that an employee has across organsiation and how they can be leveraged to engage each one of them at par. 

According to the unravel, the features are made to boost engagement peer to peer, peer to manager, peer to HR, and HR to employee. The software makers claim that these features can cultivate a culture of appreciation and gratification at work. Their Project Manager, Mr. Magnum Gupta, explained this further, and told us that peer to peer engagement is given a boost using badges, chat and social profile feature. The manager to peer engagement is fostered using features like rewards, one-on-one meetings,giving initiative feedback, and doing achievement based messaging. The managers can also send welcome message to the new joiners. Besides, the HR is empowered with features like pulse survey, HR posts, case management and more to improve employee engagement.

When asked about these features, the Co-Founder of HROne Mr. Karan Jain said, “ At HROne, we don’t just automate HR processes but also equally value human interactions at the workplace. We firmly believe in keeping employees first whether we are thinking from the lens of a company owner or a software vendor. So, integrating features that can drive engagement and take off he load of ensuring the same from HRs’ shoulder has to be a part of our intelligent HCM suite. We are glad that we are getting a great response by far from the existing users and our hoping to get more opportunities to revolutionalise employee experience across various organisation types and sizes. ”

While HROne is attracting the eyeballs of all the stakeholders by offering everything better, the people are anticipating it to be taking over the HR market  by storm in the near future. However, what results this labour will yield is yet to be seen.

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HROne Journey

Incepted in 2013 with an intent to simplify and automate HR functions, the Founders by 2017, after automating more than 250+ companies HR processes successfully realised that the jigsaw was only half- completed. While automating the functions helped save time, the problem solving approach adopted still had a scope for improvement. So, after analyzing the market, and associating ourselves with experts from IIT, ISB, ISC they worked together to make the HROne software and application extraordinarily smart and interactive just ike Ola and Swiggy!

Now, it stands still in the HCM marketspace with record 3,00,000+ satisfied users and 350+ happy clients across 18+ industries. They further plan to keep mechanising and humanising HR tech and make it as simple as ABC for employers, HRs, managers, employees, and contract based workers.

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