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How to Use Twitter Video Downloader

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Twitter video downloader lets you easily download videos from Twitter, whether the videos are embedded in tweets or linked to from YouTube and other sites. It’s fairly simple to use, but it does require you to have the software installed on your computer before you can use it; after that, Twitter video downloader can be launched directly from the icon on your desktop, or from your computer’s application menu under tools or utilities.

Read below to find a step by step guide to learn everything about it.

Step 1 – Download the Twitter Video Downloader

After signing up for an account on Twitvid, it’s time to begin downloading your Twitter videos. When you first log in, you’ll be prompted to enter your Twitter username and password; once that has been entered, click Start Downloading. If you don’t have a Twitter account, don’t worry – you can still download tweets that were posted by other users. To do so, just type in @username + Video url here …  and add in a link from their profile page or a recent tweet from them. You won’t need access to their account as long as they’ve already tweeted something containing a YouTube link for it.

Step 2 – Open the App

From here, you’ll be taken to a page which will give you two options: Preview on Desktop or Add To Chrome. Click Add To Chrome. A tab will appear in your browser that asks you to allow access to your microphone and camera. Click allow. After about 10 seconds, a tab for Chrome should pop up with an ad for a language translator. Click it! This will launch another tab where you can search for a phrase and translate it into another language. For example, if I searched for Hello, I would get Hola. The first time I searched, my browser crashed and had an error message come up.

Step 3 – Go to Twitter Feed

Click on what is trending now and see if there are any opportunities for your next post. If you find a great opportunity, jot it down and continue with step 4. Most times people are asking questions or offering some type of advice so that is a good place to start as well. Remember in a professional business environment what you choose to tweet will be seen by many eyes, make sure its appropriate! Below I have outlined steps on how you can get started by doing keyword research.

Step 4 – Select Videos & Pictures

The app will then give you a set of videos & pictures that it has already determined are trending right now. Here is an example: Once you’ve selected one, go back and re-select another 3 pictures or videos until you have 6 total. On each picture/video click Use at the bottom of your screen. The image to your left is what mine looked like after I did so. (don’t worry about putting them in any order for now) 5 – Click on Text Now let’s put some text into these images! This step is super easy!


Twitter is one of my favorite social networks and is a great way to stay connected. Whether you are connecting with new friends or organizing your life, Twitter has become an invaluable tool in recent years. Now, you can even find a video downloader online that will let you save videos so you can watch them at any time without internet access. Downloading videos isn’t quite as easy as downloading audio, but it’s still simple enough for anyone with a little experience in technology to handle. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning how it works. We’ll love to post more update regarding this.

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