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How to login into IFFCO HRMS

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Human Resources Management System is known as HRMS. A tiny start-up business or a huge organization may both benefit from HRMS in terms of boosting growth and productivity. Employees are actually at the heart of a company’s performance, and managers’ approaches to managing people and associated procedures should reflect this. A human resources management system, or HRMS, can be useful in this situation.

An HRMS has built-in security features, such as authentication controls that limit access to approved users and safeguard corporate data. It is a collection of software programs that supports and automates HR procedures across the whole employee lifecycle, including recruiting, payroll, timekeeping, taxes, employee development, performance evaluations, benefits, and more.

BSNL Leave Rules for Permanent and Temporary Employees BSNL ERP Login for Employee HR at

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What are the Human Resource Management System and HRMS? 

Businesses can handle a variety of people-related tasks in one location, improving productivity and, most significantly, allowing you to better understand your staff and make choices about it. Employees who are happier and more engaged will work harder for your company in the long run.


There are 14 important elements that HRMS can manage. 

  • Management of Leave and Attendance
  • Management of employee information
  • Management & formulation of policies
  • Confirmation
  • Management of pre- and onboarding expenses
  • Dealing with and managing complaints
  • Data analysis and error reporting
  • Worker self-service
  • Educating and developing
  • Promotions and evaluations of performance
  • Talent Identification
  • Manpower Management
  • Processing Payroll and Statutory Compliance

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Below is a list of several companies’ HRMS logins.

  • Haryana HRMS
  • Assam HRMS
  • SBI UCO HRMS Odisha
  • HRMS Globex Pocket HRMS Telangana
  • Website HRMS Delivery
  • Punjab HRMS
  • FCI HRMS Assam HRMS Educator Login
  • HRMS MISSC Silver HRMS Medplus DVET HRMS Spine HRMS 

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Key traits and capabilities of an HRMS might include

  • Employee Records Management: The storage and management of employee data, including identification, contact information, and work history.
  • Calculating and handling employee wages, benefits, deductions, and taxes is known as payroll processing. Payroll processing is automated in some HRMS systems.
  • Monitoring employee attendance, working hours, time-off requests, and leave balances is done through attendance and time tracking.
  • Management of job advertisements, application monitoring, interview scheduling, and onboarding procedures for new employees.
  • Performance management includes monitoring employee progress, establishing objectives, carrying out reviews, and giving feedback.
  • Managing employee training initiatives, monitoring training outcomes, and detecting skill shortages are all aspects of training and development.
  • Managing employee perks like health insurance, retirement schemes, and other benefits is known as benefits administration.
  • Employee Self-Service: Enabling staff members to check pay stubs, request leaves of absence, and access and update their data.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Producing analyses and reports on workforce data to assist organizations in making wise decisions.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reporting: Ensuring that the company complies with applicable reporting laws and regulations as well as labor laws.
  • Collaboration and communication: Enabling notifications, announcements, and communications between HR, staff members, and management.

Basic systems that concentrate on certain HR tasks can be found in HRMS software, as can complete platforms that cover a wide variety of HR operations. An HRMS’s objectives include streamlining HR procedures, lowering administrative burdens, enhancing employee-HR communication, and improving data accuracy.

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Does the HRMS site allow retired persons to verify the status of their pensions?

Yes, retired employees can log in to the HRMS site using their employee ID number to check their pension benefits and other associated services.


Are there any options for the personnel, such as a training and development program?

Yes, depending on the timetable, employees can also check their training and development plans.

The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, often known as IFFCO, is a cooperative society that primarily serves the agricultural industry. A Human Resource Management System is what it stands for.


What is “IFFCO HRMS”?

The term “IFFCO HRMS” refers to any software or digital platform that IFFCO may have used to handle its HR-related operations. An HRMS often has features for managing personnel data, processing payroll, monitoring attendance, managing performance, hiring employees, providing them with training, and other workforce management tasks. This technological solution makes managing personnel for businesses more effective by streamlining and automating different HR activities.

A common procedure for logging into an HRMS is as follows:

  • Check out the website: Navigate to the official IFFCO HRMS website by opening a web browser. You may need to know the precise URL to access the HRMS site.
  • Locate the “Login” or “Sign In” button or link once on the HRMS website. Typically, this will be highlighted on the homepage or in the header/navigation menu.
  • Enter Your Password: The “Login” or “Sign In” button will take you to the login page where you can enter your credentials. Normally, you must input your login information here, which may include your username and password. You might occasionally be required to supply additional identifying information, such as an employee ID.
  • Provide Authentication: You might need to go through an extra authentication step depending on the security configuration. Entering an OTP that was delivered to your registered email address or cell phone number may be required.
  • Access your Dashboard: Your HRMS dashboard should be shown when you have successfully entered your login information and finished any necessary authentication. You may discover several HR-related tools and information on this dashboard.
  • Navigate the System: After signing in, you may access several aspects of the HRMS site, including your profile, attendance, leave requests, pay stubs, benefits, and other pertinent data.

Step 1: Open the IFFCO HRMS portal.

Step 2: The login page opens upon which we need to enter our number and password to log in.

Step 3: The change password option is also available in case the password is forgotten. 

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) platforms may go by a variety of titles depending on the organization, such as “HRIS” (Human Resource Information System) or “HCM” (Human Capital Management). Depending on the system’s particular characteristics and primary objective, the nomenclature may change.

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