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How to Login greytHR: Learn with these Simple Steps

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The company’s core product is called greytHR. Greytip Software is a thought leader in HR Technology and has been a pioneer in HR Process Automation for more than 25 years.

Based in Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, Greytip Software is an ISO 27001:2013 certified business that has been specialising in HR technology since 1994. The company’s core product, greytHR, is among India’s most reputable cloud-based HR Solution Platforms. Greytip has amassed more than 9000 clients, 900 processors, and 1 million users throughout India and the Middle East over the course of 25 years.

greytHR benefits

  • Regardless of the size or sector of the firm, greytHR is a smart and intelligent solution platform that automates and simplifies the HR and Payroll operations.
  • GreytHR is a dependable solution that follows best standards and offers you substantial benefits. Quit switching between perplexing Excel sheets. Automate your payroll procedure to ensure smooth/stress-free month ends and on-time paychecks. Get complete legislative compliance without lifting a finger, too.
  • For Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), GreytHR offers an automated leave management solution that is simple to use. With employee self-service and the greytHR mobile app, it streamlines all the crucial aspects of leave allocation, monitoring, managing, and approving/rejecting leaves.
  • GreytHR is an online attendance management system that enables centralised time and attendance solutions and offers real-time connection with all types of time collection devices, including biometrics, smart cards, and face recognition apps.

Employee Portal Login Process of greytHR

Each business is given a different URL to use to access their greytHR account. To access the website, enter the URL given to your business, such as You may access your greytHR account by entering the given URL.

To access the Employee Portal, complete these instructions.

  1. Click the URL that was given to your business. A link will take you to the greytHR login page.
  2. Enter your Employee ID as the user’s name in the User Name text box.
  3. Enter your password in the Password text box.
  4. Press Log In. The home page for greytHR appears.

greytHR Add Employee 

You may add a new employee with the help of the greytHR Add Employee wizard. You have the option to immediately input detailed information on a new hire or to provide the most important information first, then update the rest later. View a directory of all workers by visiting the Employee Directory website. Additionally, you may conduct a rapid search using criteria like department, area, or category.

To add an employee, take these actions:

  1. On the Employee Directory page, click Add Employee.
  2. To enter the employee’s basic information, follow the wizard’s instructions.
  3. To input information about the employment role, follow the wizard’s instructions.
  4. Enter the PF, ESI, and LWF data for the employees by following the wizard’s instructions. Make sure they Include LWF option is ticked before clicking Add LWF Details.
  5. To confirm adding a new employee, click Finish.
  6. The summary notice verifying the addition of an employee will prompt you to select Close or Add Another Employee, respectively.
  7. The new employee’s information is shown in the employee directory in employee name alphabetical order.

greytHR Payroll Summary

You may track and gain insights for the specified payroll month using the Payroll Overview function of the greytHR programme, including the number of workers processed, additions, settlements, gross pay, deductions, and net pay processed.

You may do all payroll-related tasks, including locking the payroll month, processing payroll, and releasing IT Statements, with the use of the Payroll Overview page. A comprehensive summary of all the payroll-related data is also provided on the website. You can only access this information since it is automatically presented depending on the application’s data.

The names of two employees are displayed at once when further information, such as Stop Salary Processing and Hold Salary Payout, is displayed. Click the +more link to see a more thorough list. You may access the corresponding pages using the link.

On the Payroll Overview page, you may do the following things:

  1. Creating a new payroll month.
  2. Setting the cut-off dates.
  3. Locking the payroll of the previous month.
  4. Unlocking the payroll of the previous month.
  5. Processing payroll.
  6. Locking and unlocking payroll inputs.
  7. Holding and Releasing Payroll.
  8. Holding and Releasing IT Statement.

greytHR Employee Onboarding

Say good-bye to paperwork with the greytHR Employee Onboarding module! The whole onboarding procedure may now be done online, from gathering employee information through allocating a SPOC to each employee. The smooth procedure provided by the Employee Onboarding module makes it simpler to see, amend, and use all employee-related data.

The online onboarding form is one of the steps in the employee onboarding process that must be started and shared with the workers. You can check the information once the employee submits the form and decide whether to accept them. When an employee is being onboarded, you may make sure that they have read and understand any applicable regulations and documents.

System for Managing Attendance

Real time is the real deal

Working without real-time attendance monitoring is difficult and requires compromise. Real-time automation of attendance facilitates efficient operations and boosts output.

Capture of attendance from several sources:

  • Maintain a live attendance log.
  • The ESS portal’s attendance tracking system.
  • Obtain attendance data from external hardware.

Mark Attendance Geo marking function

  • Taking attendance with a mobile app.
  • Remove the need for attendance monitors.


The greytHR Platform facilitates employee self-service while automating HR procedures. Get all-around productivity and engaged staff—essential elements for expansion.

Cuelearn chose greytHR because of its simple usability, fast access to information, and quick service desk. With little work from Cuelearn, the implementation got started quickly and was finished in under five days.

GreytHR has a smart mobile app that puts access in the hands of the employee. You may access a 24/7 support desk, payroll information, leave applications, geo-attendance marking, and more with just a few screen taps.

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