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How to format a USB flash drive without losing data

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How to format a USB flash drive without losing data? Will the data disappear after formatting the USB stick? Formatting does repair a damaged, inaccessible or RAW USB or SD card, but it does delete all stored data on the device. This guide will show you how to format media and recover from damaged or RAW media without losing data.

Is it possible to format a USB flash drive without losing data?

Like SD card, USB storage is widely used for storing personal files, including photos, videos, documents, etc. But sometimes, due to crashes or errors, the device can get damaged or go into RAW system. After that, the files on the media become inaccessible, and in some cases we cannot continue using the device. And the only way to solve this problem is to format the USB stick. But most of us do not dare to do this, because all data on the device will be deleted.

So, is it possible to format a USB drive without losing data? – Of course! In this article, we’ll show you how to format a USB drive without losing data. Read on.

Does formatting a flash drive erase data? How to save data before formatting?

As you know, the formatting process erases data on a hard disk, flash drive or memory card. But in some cases, you need to format the device to repair damage or fix RAW media, SD cards or external hard drive. In such cases, you need to find a way to fix your damaged USB drive without losing data.

We recommend performing a quick flash drive data recovery before formatting it if you want to keep all your files. Download data recovery software for all cases of data loss, for example, to recover data from an unallocated or unallocated area of ​​a hard disk, convert RAW to NTFS or FAT 32, etc. Thanks to its efficient operation and speed of execution, our program will be the best solution for formatting your media. no data loss.

How to format USB drive without data loss?

Following the guide below, try using EaseUS Recovery Wizard to format your flash drive without data loss:

Method 1. Recover data from a USB drive without formatting

Step 1: connect your problematic memory stick to your computer.

Insert the card into the card reader and connect it to a working PC / laptop.

Step 2: run the data recovery software from EaseUS and start scanning the card.

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your PC and select your memory card in the “External Devices” column.

Then click “Scan” to start searching for the lost (deleted) data on the SD card.

Step 3: check and recover your lost data.

You can preliminarily assess the state of the found photos and documents (see if they open / check them) – for this, just double-click on the desired file … Then click “Restore” to save the files to a safe place on your PC or external storage.

Method 2. Formatting a flash drive without losing data

Now you can directly format the USB drive without deleting the saved data on your computer:

1. Connect USB to PC and click My Computer ;

2. Find and right-click on the USB flash drive, select Format ;

3. Reset the file system to NTFS or FAT32, click the Start button and click OK to confirm.

After that, you can transfer the recovered files back to the USB drive and continue using the device.


If you want maximum compatibility and plan to connect a USB flash drive to consoles or old PCs, choose FAT32 (although you will be limited by the 4 GB file size).

In other cases, it is preferable to choose exFAT (however, I note that some TVs, for example, cannot read this file system and it is for the sake of them that you have to choose NTFS).

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