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How to fix Status_Access_violation Error on Google Chrome and Edge?

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The Internet and the world wide web have become very powerful and are used for different purposes. Browsers and the internet allow people to access any information that they want without any issues however, even after the huge popularity of the internet and the different browsers that people use, there are still several instances where people face issues with the browser that they are using and this has left people wondering what can be done to address these issues to make sure that their browsers work wonderfully whenever they have a use for the same. 

You are definitely not alone when you see the Status_Access_Violation error on your Google Chrome or Edge when you are using the internet browser as this is a very common issue that many people face but, not many people know about the methods that they need to use when they want to fix this issue as the information is not known to people hence, in the guide, here are we are going to explain this issue and how you can work to resolve the issue on your web browser whenever you want to use the browser without trouble. 

What is the Meaning of the Status_Access_violation Error?

It is common for people to wonder why this error message appears on their web browser when they are using the browser and that is why allow us to tell you that this error code appears on your web browser when there is an unspecified program code registering on your internet browser without proper permission. 

In simple terms, this error is not a very serious error as the solutions to the issue are very straightforward and can be followed by any person if they have complete information about the same. We are going to mention some awesome methods that will help you on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge when you are facing a Status_Access_Violation error. 

What is the Process to fix Status_Access_Violation Error on Google Chrome?

If you are facing this error for the first time and have refreshed your page several times then, we recommend that you update Google Chrome before trying out any other method that we are mentioning here. If the error still persists after the update then, you can use the commands that we are giving here. 

Alter the name of the File 

In most cases, changing the name of the file that you want to open can very easily fix the error and that is why this is the first method that you need to learn. 

  1. Access the file explorer on your computer with the help of the Windows+E keys. 
  2. Now, you need to paste the URL “c:\Program Files(x86)Google\Chrome\Application” in the search bar of the file explorer. 
  3. Once this is done, search for chome.exe and rename the file with the help of the Right-click button. 
  4. Use any name for your file like Chom.exe and then, close the application to re-launch it. 
  5. You will see that your issue will be resolved after changing the name of the file. 

What to do When You Are facing Status_Access_Violation Error on Microsoft Edge?

Just like Google Chrome, the first thing that you need to do on your Microsoft Edge web browser is to update it. Regularly updating the browser is the perfect solution for a lot of things hence, you also need to update the web browser before you use any other method that we are discussing here. 

However, if updating the browser is not working for you then, you can try this simple method that we are explaining here. 

Change the name of the Executable File on Microsoft Edge

In case of a status_access_violation edge error, you can try to change the name of the file as this is a very effective method that often works whenever you face this issue. You need to strictly adhere to the steps that we are providing here. 

  1. Use Windows + E key to open File Explorer on your computer and then, paste the code C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application on the search bar of file explorer. 
  2. Choose the msedge.exe file and select the option to rename the already existing file. 
  3. Choose a new name for the file and save it. 
  4. You need to launch the file once again after saving it to see if the method has worked and if you can use the browser without any issues. 

There are a lot of other methods too that people can use on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge if they are facing this issue and renaming the file is not working for them. You can try to disable any extensions that you have added to your web browser as these extensions often interfere with the working of a lot of things on your computer. 

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I am sure that you have understood all the information that we have discussed here that will help you with the Status_Access_violation error.

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