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How Technology Will Affect the Entertainment Industry in 2020

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Entertainment is one of the industries that is seeing the biggest changes in the 21st century. Already the advent of new technologies has completely changed the way we consume entertainment. By creating whole new venues for our entertainment needs, the Internet has drastically changed the media landscape and forever shifted our perception of the traditional entertainment field.

Old home systems that were a staple in every home in the last few decades are being replaced at neck-breaking speed by either new ones or the updated versions. Sometimes it is just an improvement, as one could argue that there is no fundamental difference between the old black and white TV sets of the 1950 and new 4K flat screens. Both are TVs, although decades of development separate them. Even though new TVs are designed to display online content, it only represents just a new way of delivering it. The same could be argued for game consoles. Sony PlayStation IV is just a massively improved Pong.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect great new things in the field of entertainment in 2020. Quite the contrary, we are witnessing some extraordinary developments that are bound to shake things up when it comes to having fun.

Widespread 4K Video Experience

While it is true that 4K video has been around for some time, we are expecting to see a lot more of it in 2020. The market will be saturated with games and video content in 4K resolution now that graphic card supporting it have reached the saturation point. The lack of 4K-capable devices for a major obstacle on the road of widespread $k implementation. Almost all new devices to be sold in 2020 will have 4K capabilities, except for some low-end budget items. 4K TVs will find their way into many households, according to the industry estimates. At least half of all households in the United States will have one or more 4K TVs by the end of 2020.

New Trends in iGaming

iGaming is one of the fastest-growing industries not only on the Internet but also in the world. With new and interesting types of online gambling games coming in 2020, that growth will only accelerate, attracting a record number of new players. Already online casinos hold 33% of all gambling in the United Kingdom, and that is only the beginning. The convenience they offer simply outclass traditional gambling institutions, especially for younger generations, already accustomed to getting their entertainment online. Online gambling is a natural extension of that habit and will see major growth in 2020.

eSports Move to The Mainstream

eSports or electronic sports are on an amazing run and in 2020 will approach mainstream entertainment closer than ever before. Perhaps the day when we can watch some tournament finals of League of Legends or Dota 2 on ESPN is just around the corner. So far, these events were streamed live over the Internet, but the public consisted mostly of gamers. In 2020, we can expect that an audience that doesn’t necessarily play computer games may tune in to take a peek at the latest developments. In 2017, the eSports audience reached 385 million. Some of the largest tournaments managed to attract as many as 45 million viewers. As the number of viewers continues to grow, it is expected that the esports industry will rake in about $1.5 billion in 2020.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Entertainment

For years we have been hearing that virtual and augmented reality content (VR and AR) are just around the corner, only to be disappointed when we round the corner and learn that they have moved the goal post again. VR content, especially games, may see a widespread implementation in 2020. It already has a pretty solid base and plenty of games that support it. As with 4K video, the bottleneck is the equipment, which is still rather expensive and many players can’t justify buying it with a still limited game offer. On the other hand, game developers can’t justify spending time and money on making their titles VR-compatible without enough devices on the market. It is a vicious cycle, but sooner or later, VR will spin out of it and we will see massive implementation. Hopefully, it will happen in 2020. AR, on the other hand, is still in the rudimentary phase. The success of Pokémon Go raised some hopes that augmented reality will become mainstream, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.


vMVPDs is short for Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors. It is one of the latest video trends that has been overtaking the Internet. YouTube, Sling TV, and Direct Tv Now are already using this technology to combine linear and on-demand content. At the moment, vMVPDs holds about 20% of the market, with prospects of significantly increasing that number in 2020. Many have described this new streaming mode as the next big thing in the online video industry and we expect all major platforms to employ it in the near future. Unlike other codes, it is very flexible and it can be used on almost any device, drastically improving the video quality while reducing the strain on the network.

With 2020 just beginning, many of these trends will take a while to reach full potential, but there is no stopping them. And while they aren’t as revolutionary as we expected them to be, they are bound to have an impact on the entertainment field. Even though many of these trends have been around for some time, in 2020 they will reach full potential and their implementation may still surprise some people.

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