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How Technology Influences Digital Marketing in 2021

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Welcome to TechyHost; in today’s technology-related article, we discuss how the growth of technology has affected the world of Digital Marketing. Nowadays, many marketers have the motto “Personalizing the user experience and finding your choice hassle-free.”

Precise Reviews

While shopping for any sort of substance online, we are highly related to the reviews and experiences of others who have bought the same product. Now since all of this is still in a developing process, gaining “customer trust” is very important on the first go. For this, people share reviews and experiences on the same platform so that the next potential customer realises the pros and cons of the product and the manufacturer realises the product quality and customer satisfaction.

Digital Advertising

In today’s hard and fast life, we do not have that time to read the detailed description of most things. Have you ever realised that you almost ignore the “how to wash” tag while shopping for a dress? Even though it’s essential, we tend to ignore it.

So, what do you think will help the marketers to sell or advertise the product?

Digitalising Advertising is Digital Marketing. Influencers are one of the ways of marketing the product.

Imagine Amitabh Bachchan advertising your brand for shoes. The people who follow him will somewhere, or the other get influenced by their favourite personality’s advertisement. This is where Social Media Marketing will come into the picture. People who are role model category advertise your product for better sales.  

Trends and Analysis

Finding what is trending and the most searched item on the internet can help one grow their business in fulfilling the demand-supply gap.

Data Analytics is one of the highly paid jobs in today’s world for the same reason. Marketers must focus on how they can collect data and use it for growing their business. With this data, the marketers can come to know what customers are looking for, some sort of return, whether it be in the form of more personalised advertisements or targeted coupons/deals.

For example, you want to buy a red dress from Amazon. Your search for it, filter your option and try to find the same, but you end up not finding one there. So now imagine, while using Facebook or Instagram, you get similar ad options of red dresses from other eCommerce websites, and you probably end up buying from there. This is the Evolving Technology of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Artificial Intelligence

Some research has found that there is an Increased demand for chatbots and more widespread use of voice search. According to Salesforce, 69% of U.S. consumers prefer using chatbots when engaging with brands since it often yields a speedy response. AI-powered chatbots can be used for customer support, expanding contact strategy dramatically with a controlled message.

The dominance of artificial intelligence (AI) is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades. Through AI, the company can understand customer’s needs and satisfactory levels individually. If a customer does not want to rely only on reviews but wants to hear directly from the seller/manufacturer, then they can use the chatbots or AI-driven basic communication tool for doing the same. AI-driven algorithms or systems can do basic communication, Product Recommendation, Content creation, Email personalisation, eCommerce transaction, and more.

Overall Enhancement of UX

A better user experience (UX) is also one of the key components of this world of digital marketing. If the customer is not comfortable with your application/ website, then he/she might not trust it. “We know that users love engaging content that speaks directly to them. Creating a marketing strategy that reels users [in] based on page experience is something that we are working toward,” said Aylon Steinhart, founder and CEO of Eclipse Foods. “However, creating great content that reels in users is not the ultimate UX; it’s about speed, visual stability, mobile-friendliness and safe browsing. Implementing these tactics on content marketing strategies will increase visibility and engagement.”

The main purpose of all of this is to provide the customer with the best services and personalise their experiences buying any product online.

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