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How ATS Screening Recruitment Software Help Recruiters

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A top ATS screening recruitment software has become a valuable tool in today’s modern recruitment era. It is because finding the right candidates for your company can be challenging, and ATS recruitment software helps you find them. Not only this, it helps in streamlining the hiring process for the recruiter. 

The top screening recruitment software is the result of advancements in technology. This technology helps the recruiter to make it easier to find, access, and hire top talent. Thus helping the recruiter to convert the tiring and time-consuming task of hiring candidates into an easy and quick one. 

In this blog, we will discover the top ATS screening recruitment software and how it can transform your hiring process. But, before we move towards it, let us start with some basics and understand what ATS screening software is.

What is an ATS screening software?

An ATS screening software is a system or tool designed to automate and simplify the recruitment process. Thus, this software helps the HR team of the company, as well as independent recruiters, to manage job postings, track candidates, and screen candidates. 

So, it works as well as a candidate screening software through which candidate resumes are scanned, ranked, and sorted. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in identifying the correct candidate from the pool of applicants. 

This is what ATS screening software is. In the next section, we will look at the working of ATS screening software.

How does an ATS screening software work?

Have you ever wondered how the top ATS screening recruitment software works? If yes, this section will answer your questions. It works with the help of the following features: 

  • Job posting 

The recruiter posts job openings all over the job websites within a few clicks with the help of the top ATS screening recruitment software. The recruiter just needs to feed the software with information on the job vacancies. 

  • Resume parsing 

The ATS screening software parses the resumes received by the company and stores them in a centralized data format. Parsing a resume means extracting only the important points from the resume to make it short and precise. This helps to save the time and energy of the recruiter. 

  • Communication tools

Once the recruiter selects the top candidates, the software contacts them with the help of in-built communication tools. The recruiter can schedule meetings with the candidate through these tools. Moreover, they enable easy and efficient communication with the candidate. 

  • Candidate tracking 

The applicant management software helps to track the candidates throughout the hiring process. This way, it becomes easy to keep a record of the status of the candidate. Moreover, the software also records reasons and takes feedback from the candidates if they are leaving the hiring process in between. 

Thus, the top ATS screening recruitment software works with the help of the above-mentioned features. Further, let us see why you should choose an ATS recruitment software.

Why choose an ATS software over working manually?

You might be thinking that working manually costs nothing to the recruiter financially. However, this is the half-truth. Hiring manually does not show on your balance sheets, but it shows the number of hours you are wasting in hiring candidates. 

Additionally, hiring manually not only wastes the recruiter’s time but also consumes a lot of energy. The recruiter could have used this energy to improve the strategies for the company. Thus, this is why you should choose the top ATS screening recruitment software for hiring candidates rather than doing it manually. Further, let us look at how using an ATS screening recruitment software helps the recruiter.

How does ATS screening recruitment software benefit?

Using an ATS recruitment software can be of great ease for the recruiter. From the first step to the last, the software does it all! The following are the reasons why you should opt for an ATS screening recruitment software:

  • Saves time: As discussed in the previous section, using ATS recruitment software will save a lot of time and energy, which can be utilized somewhere else. 
  • Improves candidate experience: The top ATS screening recruitment software provides a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. This helps in building the company brand. 
  • Promotes decision-making: The software keeps on providing insights and inputs to the recruiter regarding improving the hiring strategy. It also gives insight into candidates if asked for. This helps in better decision-making. 
  • Helps in sourcing top talent: The software helps in matching the perfect candidates for the recruiter. Moreover, it sources candidates from various platforms, allowing the creation of a huge talent pool. 

This is how an ATS screening recruitment software helps the recruiter. Further, let us look at whether it is necessary to use an ATS for candidate recruitment.

What are the pitfalls of ATS screening software?

Yes! It is true that not using an ATS system for recruitment can harm your company seriously. An ATS system helps the recruiter manage the entire hiring process and carries out almost every clerical task related to it. Not using an ATS can lead to heavy clerical work and the following disadvantages: 

  • Bad candidate experience 

With an applicant tracking system, it is easier for the recruiter to keep in continuous touch with the candidates. But without ATS, it leads to delayed communication as it is not humanly possible to communicate in detail with each candidate. Thus, this leads to a bad candidate experience. 

  • Loss of good candidates

As it is difficult to keep an eye on every candidate, the company loses many potential and good candidates. If there are many candidates, a few may slip from the hands of the company. This can cost a fortune in the company in the future. 

  • Poor collaboration 

A lack of good ATS software can lead to miscommunication between the team members. An ATS facilitates easy communication between the team and even allows one to make comments and take notes on candidates. This helps the team to understand the perspective of all the team members and make good decisions. 

  • Inefficient organization 

With an ATS, the candidate data can be stored properly. But without it, there is no centralized system to store this data. Thus, if the recruiter needs the data at a later date, there is a strong chance that they will not find it. 

  • Risk factor

Recruiting candidates without an ATS has a higher risk of clerical errors. These clerical errors can lead to the rejection of a potential candidate. But, it is difficult to avoid these mistakes as human errors cannot be avoided. Thus leading to more risk than usual. 

  • Bias and quality of candidates

Manual hiring may lead to biases in the minds of recruiters. Moreover, it does not guarantee quality hire. On the other hand, an ATS system guarantees the recruiter with only the qualified candidates to move forward. As it straightaway rejects the candidates with lesser qualifications or no keywords. 

Thus, these are the reasons why you should shift from manual hiring to top ATS screening recruitment software. In the next section, we will take a look at the top 5 ATS screening recruitment software.

ATS screening recruitment software: The best five picks!

We have made an exclusive list of the top 5 ATS screening recruitment software for you. So, you need not search for them all over the internet again. These are:

  • Pitch N Hire 

Pitch N Hire is the top ATS screening recruitment software when it comes to hiring the best talent in the least hassle. It has a user-friendly interface with an easy navigation system. Moreover, its integrated CRM feature allows you to work without any papers. Also, it provides a free demo, so you can take a trial and decide it for yourself. 

  • Greenhouse 

Greenhouse comes second on this list because of its flawless navigation system. It is known for its comprehensive approach to hiring candidates. Also, it is highly customizable and provides an onboarding module, too! It can integrate with various applications and platforms for better performance. 

  • Oracle Recruiting Cloud 

This is the top ATS screening recruitment software because of its full integration into Oracle Cloud. This feature allows the recruiter to access the data from anywhere and on any device in the world. Further, it also has chatbots to improve candidate experience and a comprehensive career page. 

  • Workable 

Workable is known for having a user-friendly interface with advanced recruitment features. It allows synchronization with multiple email accounts and calendars. So it becomes easy for other team members to schedule interviews. Also, it has more than 700 customizable job post descriptions. It also facilitates group and automated communication with the candidates. 

  • BambooHR 

BambooHR is the top ATS screening recruitment software for centralizing and synchronizing collected data from candidates. One unique feature of this ATS is that it has a computer as well as a mobile version. It also allows automatic alerts and a messaging system. Moreover, it also provides an analysis of the candidate that helps in choosing the better candidate.


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Finding the correct candidates for the company is important for the growth of the company. The top ATS screening recruitment software can help you in achieving your goal. The software conducts all the hiring-related clerical work efficiently and with ease. So, why wait? Opt for one today

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