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How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Web Design?

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Among a number of technologies that are so helpful to the human, one is artificial intelligence. It has the capability of making the life of the human much comfortable.

A man performs various tasks by using his intelligence. In the same manner, several tasks can be performed by computer systems with a similar kind of intelligence if we use artificial intelligence for developing these systems. AI has various goals:

  • General Intelligence, Creativity
  • Social intelligence, Perception
  • Manipulation and Motion
  • Natural language processing
  • To plan machine learning
  • Representation of knowledge
  • Reasoning, Problem-solving

There are lots of benefits of using AI and so it is becoming popular day by day. Here is a detailed description of how AI is reshaping web design.

  1. It can help in designing websites – Designing a website is not an easy task. A skilled web designer is needed to develop the websites. Now, what are the factors which decide that the website designed for you is good or bad? If the UI and design of your site are excellent then we can say that the site is good. For designing sites with the help of AI, a feature has been tested by Wix which is a site for building the websites. Before designing a site, the AI will try to find out the user website’s functionality and ask some questions from the user about it.
  2. It provides a unique experience to users – Artificial intelligence analyzes data for the purpose of learning the behavior of the user. The user then can have a unique experience on the basis of the utilization of that data by AI. There is a possibility that on the site more time will be spent by the average user for various media sources such as videos and articles as suggested by AI. Facebook has successfully used AI. A “News Feed” that is unique is provided to each user of Facebook with the help of AI.
  3. It can create a voice search engine that is much better – To create a voice search engine that is of advanced type a lot of resources have been put by various tech giants. For decoding the information, the internet is used by these applications. Across the world, the users can have a very good experience when their voices will be listened to with the help of AI.

Why is it bad to design and develop a website with the help of AI?

The web designing world can get so many good things with the help of AI. But the developers, designers and users can face so many negative aspects of AI because it is not always perfect to use AI. AI comes with various negative aspects and some of them are as follows:

  • There are chances of losing personal data – Nowadays there are a lot of discussions about the role of personal data in artificial intelligence. The website users have to provide their data for the proper functioning of ML and AI. The improvement in this collected data can be seen with the improvement in ML and AI.
  • A lot of people may lose jobs because of the use of AI – With the use of artificial intelligence in web designing the need for humans has been reduced. So, we can say that growth in AI is responsible for the loss of jobs for a number of developers and designers.
  • There will a shortage of the human element because of AI – There is a possibility that people may not be able to see the content made by humans when web designing will be under the control of AI. Today a button named “chat with us” can be seen on the website of customer service.

If someone takes interest in designing custom websites then it will be good for him to contact a web development company.

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