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Here’s Your Checklist for Finalizing the Best Schools in Pune

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Getting an education from the best schools in Pune is everyones’ desire. Though there are many schools out there claiming to be the best, the best CBSE school in Pune can only be reached after a bit of research about schools’ awards, quality of education, amenities, faculty, etc. 

But, generally, in this whole process of shortlisting and reaching an ideal school, students get confused about which factors to prioritize and where they can compromise. 

So, here’s a helpful guide for you to provide a detailed checklist on what all factors one need to consider while finalizing the best school in Pune:-

Schools’ alumni

Schools’ alumni often explain the opportunities, exposure, and guidance you will get from the school. So, getting information about School Alumni will surface insights into the faculty’s expertise, guidance, and ability to pave a way for you. 

As you’ll be betting on your career here, getting good guidance and leadership from school will furnish you with better weapons in your career ahead journey. 

Education Quality 

Believe it or not, having massive buildings, air-conditioned classes and even a market reputation sometimes doesn’t ensure a quality education from school. 

What makes education quality ideal is how the school organises lab practicals? How and to what extent does the faculty provide guidance apart from the textual material? And to what extent school focuses on delivering practical knowledge rather than cramming books!

All these factors are critical to consider while choosing the best school in Pune to deliver quality education. 


Schools affiliations with recognised boards embark the trust on education and knowledge delivery. The faculty, amenities, curriculum followed, etc are some of the factors a proper affiliation can resurface. 

That’s where the best CBSE schools in Pune come into the picture. 

Affiliated by the CBSE board, these schools follow a structured CBSE curriculum which reflects its optimum focus on studies as well as on extra activities, sports, culture, etc. One such school is GIIS or Global Indian International School. 

The school follows the CBSE curriculum and ensures 360-degree development for children. It has various awards, recognitions, and achievements to its name over the years. 


This might not be a priority for some but having it on the checklist would push you closer to your dream school. Well, it is never recommended to prefer a school having amenities such as a gym, swimming pool but it is always recommended to opt for a school having proper science labs, mathematics labs, music activities, etc. 

But, it is also certain to say that amenities can be subjective. For instance, if you are not a music enthusiast, music labs might not be your priority but fr someone it coils be. So, always check a list of amenities school has to be right on our priority list. 

These were some of the important factors to push you towards the best schools in Pune. But, no matter how many factors you have in your checklist, keep education quality on the top. 

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