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Happy Birthday, Facebook

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Happy Birthday, Facebook 

Facebook turns 16, why is the color of FB blue? Know some interesting things

Today is the birthday of the worldwide popular social networking site Facebook, today Facebook has turned 16 years old, Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, there have been many changes in Facebook since then.

Let’s know some very special things related to Facebook that bring your loved ones closer …

Mark has red-green color blindness … Facebook’s color is blue because Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg can only properly see blue. Actually Mark has red-green color blindness so Facebook’s color is blue.

Prior to Facebook, Zuckerberg had created a website called FaceMass, which compared the photos of two students on this site together and decided who was hotter.

There is also a person on Facebook that can never be blocked and that is the profile of Mark Zuckerberg, no person on Facebook can block them. If you any problem releted to Facebook contact6 our Facebook customer service number.

In 2004, Facebook was named ‘The Facebook’

Facebook is a social media platform that most people use to make friends, upload status and photos, but in addition to all this, Facebook offers a variety of sound effects and music.

In 2004, Facebook was named ‘The Facebook’, but in August 2005 it was renamed Facebook. Facebook also has the facility to work in Hindi along with other languages.

In 2013-2014, Facebook had tied up with mobile service provider companies in 40 countries, including India, under which a new Facebook site could be used for free on mobile, but in 2016 TRAI canceled the deal.

Facebook has around 250 million users worldwide …

More than 49 million Facebook posts are posted every 15 minutes, 100,000 friend requests every 10 minutes, 5,00,000 likes every minute and around 3.5 crore photos are uploaded every day.

Facebook has 250 million users worldwide, according to this figure, one in every three people in the world is on the Facebook Phone number.

Talking about India, the maximum Facebook users are in India, in 2019 India surpassed the US, India has 26 crore Facebook users.

Only 4 countries of the world have more Facebook users in India, more than 50% of Facebook users in India are below 25 years. Facebook has its offices in more than 70 cities in the world, there are about 45 thousand full-time employees on Facebook.

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