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Guide To Viewing Instagram Profile Pictures in Full HD

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Instagram, like Facebook and Twitter, is a famous social networking site for sharing photos and videos, both publicly and privately. You can connect with other Instagram users via following them to receive notifications about their most recent photograph or video. When you first sign up for Instagram, your account is made to public by default.

This merely means that until you keep your account private, everyone can see any of your posted photos or videos. If anybody doesn’t want to share their content with any specific Insta user while keeping their existing account as public, the block tool is always available under the belt. Actually, we’re here to talk about Guide to Viewing Instagram Profile Pictures in Full HD.


Many individuals want to see or download the full-size version of the profile image when they visit an Instagram profile. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to accomplish this action. The user’s Instagram profile photo appears as a spherical shaped image at the top-left of the account screen. The full-size Instagram profile photo does not have a save or zoom option.

To preserve any Instagram profile image, most people use the screenshot option. Readers will be relieved to learn that they no longer need to depend on the profile photo snapshot option to save a low-quality image file. Today, we’re going to show you how to view, download, and save the original full-size Instagram profile picture of anyone you choose.

Follow these STEPS to see your Instagram profile picture in its entirety.

The goal of this procedure is to locate the profile picture’s image url on the Instagram server. We will just paste the image’s actual link into the address bar of any favorite internet browser once we obtain it. The procedures to get the acquired images url by analyzing the source code of an Instagram profile are outlined below; after that, we will save the full-size Instagram profile photo by following the url identified in the source code. Don’t worry, the entire method is straightforward and simple.

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your device and navigate to the profile that requires the full-size profile photo.
  2. Locate the options menu on the chosen person profile screen (three vertical dots at top right).
  3. Now, go to the settings menu and select “Copy Profile URL” from the drop-down menu. The profile url will be saved to the storage (clipboard) for future usage.
  4. Now, open any web browser (we’ll use Google Chrome) and Press the address bar for a few seconds.
  5. The “PASTE” option will appear automatically if you hold the browser’s address bar for a few seconds. Simply select “PASTE” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Now that you’ve pasted the entire Ig account url into the browser’s address bar, simply add “view-source:” to the start of the pasted URL and press Enter.
  7. You will now see the source code of your Instagram account in text format on the screen.
  8. On this source code screen, select or hit “Find in page” from the options menu (three vertical dots at top-right).
  9. Type “profile pic url hd” OR “og:image” in the search field at the top and press Enter.
  10. Paste the whole picture url (profile pic url hd) below the text string. 
  11. To save / download an Insta profile pic to your device’s internal storage, simply press the image for 3-five seconds and the “Download image” or “Save image” option will appear.


You have properly saved / downloaded your favorite celebrity’s Instagram profile Pictures from Insta Zoom which is a Leading online profile pic downloading website. We hope you’ll find this trick useful in a variety of situations. In both cases, you have learnt to download. So this is the article all about guide to view Instagram profile pics in full HD. Using this Instagram trick, you will truly be able to see and save those Instagram user’s profile photo.

You’ve learnt a new way to view or download anyone’s Instagram profile photo today. That’s all we have for now on the subject; we’ll be back with more fun items for the you guys very soon. 

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