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What Is Geospatial Intelligence, And Why Is It Important To Us?

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Geospatial intelligence is one of the most important innovations and inventions that mankind has ever been able to produce. It refers to the information that authorities on Earth can get from the system and network of satellites in orbit. This information has been vital in countless human interests and allows society to function normally. Without it, humanity would lose one of its major resources. However, many people don’t know just how vital this intelligence is, so keep reading to learn how it benefits you.

National Security 

Geospatial intelligence is one of the key methods of ensuring national security for any sovereign government. Before the invention of satellites in the atmosphere, information about threats to a nation’s security was found through information gathering, spies, etc. However, with the addition of a tool that allows people to get an orbital view of the area, governments, and intelligence agencies have been able to find and neutralize major threats to their countries using intelligence gathered from satellites. They can both identify threats and plan a response using this information based on the threat’s combat abilities, the landscape, etc.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is another important use of geospatial intelligence. Climate change is one of the leading problems of this era, with countless countries and areas being heavily affected by it. These problems can affect entire ecosystems, such as ice in the Arctic melting, leaving polar bears no shelter. In many cases, they can also affect human settlements, such as a glacier melting or a tsunami coming in. Using environmental monitoring, experts have been able to predict trends in flooding and climate changes and whether or not a certain population is at risk. This is one of the main uses of geospatial intelligence, and, as seen in this quarterly investment report, government agencies have invested billions of dollars in this kind of functionality.

Urban Planning

One of the best resources that city planners can make use of is geospatial intelligence, which helps them to track entire populations and habits at a glance. Planning a city is a big task and requires information about the local population, including how many there are and how much space they’ll need in the new city sector. Using satellite information, planners can also identify the best and most optimal sites for building homes and roads.

Navigation And Mapping

One of the most common uses for information gathered by satellites is finding a location or using a GPS and it is one that most people associate with geospatial intelligence. Big tech companies like Google and Apple have used their satellites for commercial purposes, allowing the public to use GPS systems that run thanks to satellites in orbit to find and pinpoint their location and help them to navigate the surrounding area. Besides being convenient in finding and calculating the best routes, this service occasionally saves lives, as pinpointing your location and finding a way out is crucial if you’re lost in the wilderness, on a mountain, etc.

Disaster Response 

Coordinating a disaster response is difficult and requires a lot of resources. Once a big disaster has hit a population, the first step is to plan the response by identifying the worst-hit areas and the people that need help the most. The main way of identifying this is by using satellites to survey the land. This way, experts can give warnings for approaching disasters and send medical units to the most affected places. When coordinated efficiently using geospatial intelligence, a proper disaster response can save hundreds or thousands of lives.

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Geospatial intelligence is used in every facet of day-to-day life. It’s pervasive throughout society, and many modern systems and technologies have been developed using it. Some of this era’s major conveniences, like weather prediction, navigation, and communication, all use geospatial intelligence that is processed using satellites in orbit. This system is continuously developed and overhauled, with billions spent yearly to develop and research it further. Knowing more about it and its utilization is the first step to finding out how to take advantage of it on your own.

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