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Do You Know These Facts About Geo Attendance?

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Attendance management is one of the most crucial operations for every company. For decades, this routine process has been paper-based. Since it was manually done, HR managers have had to go through piles of files and records to manage attendance efficiently. Some firms even relied on spreadsheets to simplify the process. However, all these methods were of no use when workplaces across India transitioned from office to home. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, when businesses started working remotely, one of the biggest HR challenges was attendance management. Due to poor management of attendance, several companies even witnessed the loss of productivity among employees that in turn affected their earnings and profits along the way.

As we mentioned earlier, attendance management includes a host of mundane tasks. All of them are necessary and vital. Automating the whole process can be an effective way to take this operation to a next level. This is the reason why a good number of organizations across India have started using HR and biometric attendance systems that allow geo attendance. For those who do not know, geo-attendance seamlessly integrates into other modules of human resources such as payroll and attendance. Using this feature, employees can easily mark their attendance from any remote location. 

In this blog, we will tell you four more interesting facts about geo-attendance. Let’s dive in. 

Zero Manual Efforts 

It is high time for Indian companies to leave behind outdated attendance management tools and embrace the power of geo-attendance. Since it is a one-stop solution for every attendance-related challenge, HR managers can efficiently manage their remote workforce during this testing time. Also, biometric attendance systems are fully automated solutions that ultimately cut down manual efforts of keeping a tab on every employee’s attendance. This in turn not just saves a large chunk of time and energy for HR professionals but also helps them to concentrate on other crucial processes. 

Effective Attendance Management 

It is no news that effective management of attendance aids a company to develop policies that are aligned with the needs of its business and motivate employees to comply with them. Not to forget, it even helps companies to find disengaged employees (who are taking unnecessary leaves). But, carrying out an effective attendance management process is not as easy as it sounds. HR managers are already responsible for a host of duties these days. In such a scenario, it is not an easy task for them to track every employee’s attendance using those traditional systems. This is when attendance management systems and geo-attendance come into the picture. Geo-attendance helps HRs to track, record, and manage the attendance of their employees anytime, anywhere, which makes the whole process more systematic as well as efficient. 

Online Attendance Marking 

Another best benefit of geo-attendance is that it helps working professionals to mark their attendance even using their mobile phones. This is one of the biggest reasons why most companies are now considering geo-attendance. 

In order to avoid any fraud attendance marking, organizations can even allow attendance to be marked only from a particular location for every individual. This way, employers can be double sure that they are getting attendance from the right location at the right time and most importantly, from the right person. 

Empowered Remote Employees 

It is high time for companies to leave the tradition of putting every duty on their HR professionals’ shoulders. As we discussed earlier, HRs are already taking care of a lot of processes lately. The best way to make things easier for them and at the same time, give autonomy to employees is by investing in a biometric management system offering geo-attendance. Such systems not just allow employees to mark attendance without any restrictions but also access their information, check their attendance, and reduce their dependence on HRs. This in turn serves every employee’s needs, thereby enhancing their overall engagement and experience while working remotely. 

There is more but the aforementioned are the top four advantages of geo-attendance today. We hope this blog helped you to learn more about geo attendance. Now that you know, we urge you to switch from your traditional attendance management system to a top-notch biometric attendance system at the earliest possible.

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