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Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids the Art of Giving

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If you want to raise a generous child, you should start teaching them about giving from a very young age. Children can adapt to the way you want them to because their young age is very tender. They will do in adulthood what they learn at a young age. 

It is essential for kids need to be empathetic and compassionate concerning others. They should not be restless and furious if it is about giving away something. They should instead embrace it. They should be delighted while doing so, and this happens when you start explaining the importance of charity to them. 

Children learn from their parents’ doings. If they see you give away something to the needy, they will understand it is a part of life, and they should also do it. Parents are the foremost role models for kids. If you try to make them learn about giving away, they will definitely learn it. 

Methods to instruct your kids on the art of giving 

Here are the ways that you can use to teach your kids the art of giving:

Start by giving away small things

Your kids can be generous with people around them by doing small things. For instance, you can give away their clothes to charity clubs when they outgrow their clothes. Your kid may have some toys that they love, but they are not too young to play with them. 

small things

You can try to give away those toys in your neighbourhood or to your relatives who have small kids who can play with those toys. By doing so, you can help your kids understand that they should give away, especially those things that they do not need even though they like them to have. Sometimes kids are possessive with their toys and their clothes even if they do not fit them. You should tell them they should avoid being possessive about things they no longer need. 

If an older member like grandma or grandpa visits your house, you should ask your children to take the bag from their hands and carry it to the bedroom. 

Consider volunteering with local organisations

Volunteering is the best way to teach your kids about giving away. You can support several causes by collaborating with local charity organisations. 

Numerous charity associations in the UK are combating against poverty. In fact, after the outbreak of the pandemic, many organisations came forward to raise funds for the treatment of people who became the victim of Covid-19. 

You can support any cause you want and explain why it is essential to your children. If they grow up to see you helping others, they will also learn to help others. By volunteering, you will be able to teach your children how you should give something pricelessly. 

You do not need to just associate with local charity organisations to tell your children about giving away because there are various other ways of volunteering. For instance, you can take your children to the church for cleanups.

Try to give away items to groups in which your kids are also involved. You can find several volunteer services in your area. You can do some searches online. 

Make it a routine

If you want to instil this habit in your children, you will have to make giving away a part of your routine. When your children notice that it is a part of routine life, they will be able to develop it as a habit in them. The best way to make it a part of the routine is that you should give away items on any random occasion. 

You should teach your children why they should do it without expecting anything in return. By instilling these activities in your kids, you can teach them a lesson of kindness. You should encourage them to share their food with others in their school. 

Sharing can help them develop generous behaviour. You should also ask them to help you with household chores. 

Have a plan for allowances utilisation

If your children get allowances, you should teach them to put a portion of it away that they can give away to an important cause. 

When your children get allowances, they usually tend to utilise that for their own. Still, they should use the three-bucket approach, which means they should divide this into three portions: one for savings, the other for spending, and the last portion for giving away. 

This is important to encourage your children to follow this three-portion approach because it helps them learn how to be generous. However, at the same time, you need to tell them giving away philosophy works after serving yourself. 

For instance, it does not make sense to volunteer when you do not have enough money for your own expenses. If you do so, you will end up taking out online loans to meet your regular expenses. 

Teach your children that giving away is a good thing, but it comes after serving yourself first. If you do not have enough money to donate to charity organisations, you should not donate at all. 

Otherwise, you will fall into a debt trap. Once your children grow up, you should tell them how smart they should make a decision before donating money. 

Talk about your feelings

You should tell your children how you feel when you donate something to the needy. Do you feel proud or kind or generous, or does it make you feel good to do something good to make someone’s life better? By expressing your feelings, you will be able to encourage your children to contribute to charity institutions. 

The bottom line

If you want to teach your kids the habit of giving away or donating, you should follow the methods given in this blog. 

However, the most important thing you need to make them generous is that you will have to be generous first. 

Remember that the apple never falls far from the tree. Your children cannot be generous at all if you are not generous. 

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