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Digital Marketing strategy including off-page techniques for 2020

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Do you have a website? Are you getting more inquiries? SEO strategy is nothing but pure technical promotion of products and services through the worldwide global network.  As On-Page and Off-Page SEO activities are 2 hands of Ethical organic SEO, in this article we will discuss more different potential Off-Page techniques for a better output. Even though on-page SEO is based on website editing, responsiveness, meta description, and keyword implementation, Off-Page SEO plays the mechanism of accelerating the rank of a website in search engines.

Latest Digital marketing strategy 2020

Digital marketing landscape is a much easier method to tackle the ranking requirement of the website on major search engine. Every year a new strategy or trend is to be followed by the Digital marketing professionals to win the tough competition between several website owners.

However, Digital marketers need to consider the Digital landscape and implement the latest strategies where it will grow their business. In 2019, we’ll find faster growth in different strategies including existing and new techniques.

Inbound Digital Marketing strategy 2020

Inbound digital marketing is the main method what all Digital marketing professionals do. Throughout the inbound activity, the focus is concentrated on the content that you create and the price that you are offer your customers.  You should think repeatedly about the status of current market status in order to fix up the price of products and services.

High-quality meaningful content

Attracting the audience to your website is the main aim of your digital marketing strategy and hence, content plays a crucial role in online promotion campaign. As per the latest survey, it’s found that 75% of conversions are made from of high-quality blog content and hence, using high-quality content is the key to yield huge traffic and business.

Video Promotion

In the online platform, video promotion becomes a fashion for the Business owners and viewers really enjoy the scene of either entertainment or any funny scenes. Sometimes, many demo videos help the learners to clear some technical doubts.

Hence, either YouTube video or HD video plays a meaningful role in a video promotion. After watching a video, most of the viewers feel the excitement to buy any products from the displayer.

Significance of Off-page SEO

As millions of websites and blogs are active online, maximum website owners conduct online promotion of well qualified SEO-friendly website. But, how many are getting huge traffic from major search engines? The off-page SEO plays a crucial role in the generation of high-volume traffic along with an improvement of brand awareness and online visibility. Ultimately, audience and conversion rate will be increased drastically.

Growth Hacking as Digital weapon

If you’ve been following the latest trends in the digital marketing platform lately, you might have heard a reasonable amount regarding growth hacking. If you don’t know about growth hacking requirement, here get the proper idea.

In growth hacking, the growth hackers consider the digital marketing landscape as a war-ground and start fighting and rising above the struggle at whatever the expenses. They consider data as their weapon and inspiration as their vehicle.

Reducing Friction between Marketing and Sales Processes

Frictions are nothing but barriers between commitment level of marketing and quality level of Digital promotion service. Your service quality should be matched to the level of commitment so that there would be a smooth running of each action and transaction.

Chatbot Digital marketing strategy

Chatbot digital marketing is a most recent automation practice that is new to digital marketing professionals. But, this strategy has proved a result oriented method very much in 2018 and still stands alone on the way of success.

Chatbots are bots that allow conversations between customers and you. For example, Facebook chatbots. It’s the most popular chatbot at present. Facebook Messenger helps to get feedback from customers, deliver a valuable message, and guide users the right way.

What should be included in your marketing plan?

Refer outside resources or experiences of past clients to detect the friction areas in your sales and marketing process and plan a strategy to reduce the friction accordingly. This idea will help you out for new and existing customers.


It’s really amazing how companies want to keep secret their service facilities or product features and prices. But, the customers demand the transparency of the same. So, you need to work on making your all information transparent to establish a new brand and identity. You can easily win the trust of genuine visitors to your website.

Easier and foolproof

It’s not much easier to give a fixed quote to the customers as they put first priority on discount and better service. So, you have to make a customized price and service to inspire customer for a healthy deal. Your pricing must be competitive with market pricing policy. That means, it should not be so much high-cost or not so much low cost and mentioned service should be satisfactorily fulfilled

Priority on Feedback and Reviews of Customer

As the customer is king in the marketing business, Caring reviews and feedbacks of the customer are mandatory for consistent growth of a business. Hence, Digital marketing always creates a broad network around the globe to handle customers successfully.

Image Source

Images are the main visual weapon for a website to make an entry to the web pages. Hence, working on posting or uploading attractive and impressive images on a website could bring a great change in the numbers of visitors to the website. Many interesting texts can be displayed as images and can put an interesting impact on the mind of viewers.

Emphasize on Mobile-friendly Web design

A mobile-friendly web design methodology can easily carry your campaign towards SmartPhone users drastically and high rank on major search engines. Responsiveness of the website gains more ranking as well as more traffic for a website.

Mobile App download tactics

Throughout mobile apps and games, the targeted website could be promoted with many impressive offers. As now the monetary transactions through mobile apps are more secure than the transactions on the web, you can just ask the customers to have a safe and secure transaction.


In conclusion, we are in a stage of modern Digital era, where we have several online marketing sources like Social media platform, Chat Bots on website, Bulk email firing or e-news sending and many more interactive activities. Adverting of E-commerce sites through public News channels like TV, News paper and Magazines is also a great idea in costlier Marketing strategy.

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