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Changing of Digital Marketing Over Last Decade

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Over the last decades, digital marketing saw a rapid change in itself. digital marketing is now helping people to promoting their business to any part of the world with just few clicks , It has enhanced promoting style of people , in India 10 years business were running on mouth to mouth publicity but now people are using digital platforms to promote their business they are using services like google business to promote their business and services individuals are now highly dependent on internet before going for shopping they first google the product they are looking for this shows that digital marketing is a best platform to grow your business.


sometime we buy things which we really don’t need it is because we are frequently using online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal . Brands are also promoting their brands through online shopping platform . In this well connected and fast growing world now you don’t need to go anywhere you can buy anything you wish to with just few clicks away and the product will reach you any part of the world.


With change in marketing now it is even more harder to promote your business online because it should convey the same thing offline when customers visit stores if it fails to convey the same thing than the brand looses its very potential customer because now a days customers Can’t be sold products which they don’t wish to buy.

With rise of social media platforms way of advertising has also changed whenever we go through Facebook news feed we also see advertisements of the products which we have searched in shopping platforms like Amazon now brands can also reach you in social media by seeing this changes we can also say that advertising your products has become more easier than ever


Now a days brands are also using other platforms like Instagram to promote their products because in Instagram we follow celebrities and we are able to see what products they are using and we like to copy people whom we idolize.

Digital market has created 8 lakh new jobs in India but due to shortage of right candidates we are facing to much problems but thanks to business like SEO discovery they trained many people And created job for many people but with some good aspects their many bad aspects of digital marketing also when people approached digital marketers they use black hat digital marketing show their clients that many people are approaching their sites daily for their products but the traffic on the sites are generated by artificial bots this shows that when need in market increases greed of people Also increased this shows that everything has good and bad aspects too.

But when you reach to the right person you can grow your business with help of digital marketing, digital marketing working style is different it doesn’t reach to the client’s but it reaches to the clients customer through sources like email, social media, message and through other sources for example you are running a canteen service business and you approach a digital marketing company to grow your business It will help you to get customers through various platforms which will lastly land a deal in your hand .

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