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Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

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When most people are in school, they probably don’t see themselves having a career in digital marketing. The future of a career in digital marketing is, however, bright and will stay so until 2023 when you consider the alternatives accessible in this fast-paced field. ​​​​​​


Digital marketing: What is it?

Digital marketing is a type of advertising in which companies use online channels including social media, email, blogs, and digital advertising to sell their goods and services. The method includes both developing a digital presence and producing audience-specific advertisements. 

A digital marketer’s job is always evolving.

A career in digital marketing is exciting since the industry is always changing and new platforms are being developed all the time. A manager of digital marketing closely monitors trends to understand how they affect discoverability.

Learning about digital marketing fundamentally entails learning about every facet of a brand’s internet presence. Digital marketing managers monitor search engine updates to see how they affect the rankings of websites. 


Why Will Digital Marketing Play a Role in Future Job Roles?

Even while conventional marketing is still effective, it is fast being replaced by digital marketing since it is more accessible and has better data.

Gaining expertise in digital marketing essentially encompasses all aspects of a brand’s online presence. Managers of digital marketing keep an eye on changes to search engines to see how they affect the ranks of websites. 


Why Will Future Job Roles Be in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is quickly replacing traditional marketing, even if it is still successful since it is more accessible and has better data.

The greatest return on investment tactics may now be identified by marketing managers who can pinpoint the source of visitors, what they do on the website, and where they are coming from. This data-driven technique makes it easier for professionals to show their worth and for executives to identify the most effective strategies. Any ambiguity for subsequent initiatives will be eliminated by replicating accomplishments.


Are There Many Positions in Digital Marketing?

The market for digital marketing is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 32.1% to reach USD 24.1 billion by 2028. 

Knowledgeable digital marketers will be more in demand in the future years. According to LinkedIn, one of the top skills to develop in 2023 to advance your career is digital marketing. 


These figures show that now is the best time to begin your career and learn new skills. 


The need for digital marketers is how high?

According to LinkedIn, the title “Digital Marketing Specialist” is one of the top 10 most sought-after occupations, with 860,000 job openings. Among the most sought-after abilities are those related to social media, content planning, SEO, analytics, and other facets of digital marketing.

The extensive employment in the industry is a reflection of the intricacy of digital marketing strategy. The problem facing the sector is the lack of digital capabilities. 


How to Launch Your Digital Marketing Career?

When you start a career in digital marketing, it’s important to know the main specialties within the industry. There are several types of digital marketing jobs to consider, and each one calls for a certain set of skills.

  • Email marketing

Sending emails to specific lists seems to be the foundation of email marketing. However, that targeting requires a certain degree of expertise.

To increase sales and raise awareness of goods and services, marketing emails are sent to lists of clients and prospects. They are frequently given out to audiences to engage them, even when there is no direct transaction. The email marketer must experiment with different subject lines, messages, and formatting to see which emails garner the most attention.

The average salary for a manager of email marketing is $65,834.

  • Search engine optimization

In digital marketing, search engine optimization is unquestionably crucial, regardless of your degree of experience. Since discovery is the primary objective of all written information, discoverability serves as the foundation of all written content.

SEO experts have a promising future in digital marketing. Professionals with expertise in social media, website analytics, content quality grading, competitive analysis, and mobile search are in great demand. All of these requirements need to be met to grow internet traffic.

The average salary for an SEO Manager is $62,621.

  • Creating text

As you get experience, you’ll realize how much writing is involved in digital marketing. The content that copywriters produce includes taglines, product descriptions, emails, commercials, and more. They even develop non-digital material, such as direct mail and video scripts.

Along with writing proficiency, copywriters also need to be creative and curious. Their main goal is to persuade individuals to pay attention in a world where there are many distractions.

The average compensation for copywriters is $58,465

  • Content Creation

You’ll notice how much writing is involved in digital marketing as you get expertise. Copywriters create a variety of material, such as taglines, product descriptions, emails, advertisements, and more. They even create non-digital content like direct mail pieces and video screenplays.

Copywriters need to be innovative and inquisitive in addition to being proficient writers. Their major objective is to convince people to pay attention in a world full of distractions.

Average salary for content managers: $56,779

  • Promotion via social media

Social media marketing is important for digital marketing. Social media managers promote businesses on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

Social media managers design marketing strategies, videos, and pictures as well as research audience trends to target the right demographic. This job includes project management, writing, and design. It frequently requires working unorthodox hours to respond to incoming communications. The criteria include community building and digital marketing expertise.


Top Executive Jobs in Digital Marketing for New Graduates

  • Sunstone Technology Education Pvt. Ltd.

Employed for 0–2 Years

Greater Noida, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Indore are the locations.


  • Develop, design, and manage numerous digital marketing initiatives across a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords.
  • Create content for digital marketing, decide who your target audience is, and understand what makes customers tick.
  • Determine marketing performance indicators and engagement-enhancing strategies.
  • An extensive understanding of digital marketing tools including SEMrush, Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics
  • Event management, public relations, and advertising.

Graduate: Any with Any Specialisation.

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  • Executive for E-commerce & Digital Marketing

 CityGreens (Vertical Farming Technologies Pvt Ltd)

Working for 0 to 5 Years

Place: Bangalore


  • Work on the outcome listing in several online stores like Flipkart and Amazon
  • Managing categories on websites and e-commerce platforms should be possible.
  • Ability to work on Google AdWords optimization of digital campaigns
  • To increase brand exposure, create content for a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Talk to the markets to fix operational problems
  • Dairy and agricultural industries

Graduate: Any with Any Specialisation

PG: Marketing MBA/PGDM


  • Executive in Digital Marketing 

Company: Bud

Working for 0–2 Years

Place: Bangalore


  • Ensure that all digital marketing initiatives are implemented and carried out on every online platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Work on improving client interactions and lead management
  • Should be very familiar with how Google Analytics and other external analytics tools function.
  • Ability to do competitive analysis, analyse keywords, and rank pages Knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO is recommended Industry Type: PR, MR, Event Management

Graduate: Any with Any Specialisation.

A corporate job known as a “digital marketing role” is in charge of planning and carrying out digital marketing strategies. This individual is in charge of creating, directing, and evaluating digital marketing plans and approaches. They collaborate with other marketing team members to develop and carry out digital marketing strategies that reach and engage online consumers.

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