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DesignCap: Free Online Graphic Design Maker

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With the advancement of technology, more and more online services can be used without installation and only need to be opened with a browser. And today, DesignCap has a built-in massive material and template function. With a few clicks, every non-designer can make exquisite designs—newsletters, you could make promotion materials, presentation design, and charts, etc. Just try DesignCap, and export high-quality files to the computer.

How does DesignCap work?

Entering the DesignCap website, you can find it very simple to use. You can imagine that DesignCap is like a super-large design template material website. Still, unlike a pure material website, DesignCap uses Web technology to provide online production and editing capabilities directly, not just it’s as simple as giving pictures. Using DesignCap, you don’t need to install any applications or require complex technical skills. You can select the project to be produced and then follow a few interactive steps to complete all kinds of leaflets, advertising copy, and beautiful cards.

There are many built-in material template types, such as traditional card invitations and briefing materials necessary for work. Best of best, social media marketing plays an increasingly important, and you can find a lot of social media graphic design in DesignCap.

How to design a Youtube thumbnail with DesignCap.

So, if you want to design your works quickly, then you can apply the templates to customize. The pre-ready templates can’t be used up. 

After selecting the template, you can directly use the DesignCap online editor to modify and make. It is similar to graphic software, but you can now design without installing it.

Various grid line elements can be seen in the element tab. There are millions of icons, and you can search by keywords according to the category. Does this look similar to the familiar PPT creation interface?

In addition to uploading your photos, the Photos panel also contains many online galleries that can be searched. This part of DesignCap is cooperating with the well-known Pixabay gallery platform, and it also contains free and paid legally authorized images. There are also built-in basic image editing functions.

The chart part is also a useful function; you can use the data table to generate a good-looking chart. Various style fonts are, of course, indispensable

Module provides some special items, which are usually commonly used items in this category. And Background also has a good use.

In particular, DesignCap provides the function of online archiving. It is not only for storing pictures but also for storing edited content, so don’t worry about half of the editing. You can edit after archiving, and the convenience of online work will not be affected. As long as there is a network, open the DesignCap website, and you can work anywhere. Of course, it also supports the sharing function.

The finished works can be downloaded as a picture file. The maximum JPG output resolution is 1280 x 720, which is free, and paid members can output a higher resolution or even output in PNG or PDF format.


DesignCap is free, easy to use, and paid is also much recommended.

The free version of DesignCap is already very generous, with full availability. The difference between the free version and the paid version is that the free version will have restrictions on materials and templates, and the number of online productions and output formats will also be limited to JPG files. You can try it first, and then consider the basic version or the plus plan version. The paid version has the same template/icon/photo material/module. Don’t limit the use, and the only difference is the number of uploads and the number of work designs stored online.

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