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What are the best tips to score the best marks in class 12 accountancy?

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The subject of accountancy is quite tricky for most of the students. However, in the year 2021-2022, CBSE (Central Board of Education) divided the syllabus of every subject into two parts, and also the exams will be held in two parts, and those are term-1 and term-2. Also, the division of the syllabus makes learning easy for the students. Also, the CBSE class 12 accountancy syllabus is divided into two parts. However, in this article, we discuss both terms of the class 12 accountancy syllabus. Also, we will tell you about the best tips which help to score good marks in exams in 2021-2022.

Class 12 Accountancy Curriculum 

Now let’s discuss the CBSE class 12 accountancy syllabus termwise for exams 2021-2022. Although, the deviation of the syllabus is made student’s work easier

Term-1 CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus 2021-2022 & The Distribution of Marks

                    Subject- Accounts, Code no.-055, Year- 2021-2022 

                     Class- 12th (XII)

Duration of exams- 90 minutes

40 marks for theory

UnitsTerm 1 (MCQ Based Question Paper)Marks
Part AAccounting for Partnership Firms 
2Change In Profit Sharing Ratio
3Admission Of A Partner
1Company Accounts: Accounting For Shares12
Part BAnalysis of Financial Statement 
 Financial Statement of a Company
(i) Statement of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet in the prescribed form with major headings and subheadings (as per Schedule III to the Companies Act, 2013)
(ii) Tools of Analysis – Ratio Analysis
 Accounting Ratios
 Computerized Accounting10
 Overview 0f Computerised Accounting System
Accounting Application of Electronic Spreadsheet
 Total Theory40
  Project Work (Part -1)10

Project Work (Part -1)

However, go through, a brief vision on the class 12 accountancy syllabus 2021-2022


Unit- Accounting for Partnership Firms

  • Partnership: features, Partnership Deed.
  • Goodwill: Nature, factors affecting and methods of valuation – also, average profit, super profit, and capitalization
  • Also, provisions of the Indian Partnership Act 1932 in the absence of partnership deed.
  • Also, past adjustments (relating to interest on capital, interest on drawing, salary, and profit-sharing ratio).
  • However, fixed v/s fluctuating capital accounts. Also, preparation of Profit and Loss Appropriation account- the division of profit among partners, guarantee of profits.

Accounting for the Firms of partnership- Reconstitution 

Also, changing the profit and loss sharing ratio or percentage in existing partners or current partners, gaining balance, sacrificing ratio, Accounting of reassessment of liabilities and revaluation of assets, and although, there is the treatment of assets and accumulated profit, preparing revolution account and balance sheet.

Also, next is an admission of partners. What are the effects on profit and loss sharing ratio after the entry of new partner, as per AS 26, what is the treatment of goodwill, treatment of reassessment of liabilities and revaluation of assets, and also, the treatment of accumulated profit and reserves? 

Important: 1 Although, at the time of dissolution of partnership firm, the realized value of assets must be given. 2 The realization expenses will be held up by the partner, the clear instructions have been made or provided regarding the payment of forthwith. also, also 

Unit 3- Company Accounts

Share capital and what is shared: Also, its types and Nature

The share capital of Accounting: Allotment and issue of equity share and preference share, over and under subscription of shares, premium and par issue of shares, calls in advance, subject of claim other than cash and consideration,

  • Although, employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Concept of Private Placement 
  • However, in the balance sheet of company disclosure of share capital in the Balance Sheet 
  • Also, the forfeiture and reissue of shares  

Part B: Analysis of Financial Statement 

Unit:1 Financial Statement Analysis

What is the company’s financial statement: Profit and loss, balance sheet statement with major and subheading ( as per company acts 2013).

Also, analysis of Financial Statements: Importance, limitations, and objectives. 

Also, Financial statement analysis tools: Cash flow and ratio analysis, formal and comparative size statements. 

Ratios of Accounting: Classification, meaning, and objectives. 

Liquidity ratios: Quirky and current ratio.

Also, solvency ratio: Debt and equity ratio, total assets and debt ratio, interest coverage, and proprietary ratio.

The ratio of activity: inventory turnover ratio, trade receivables turnover ratio, also, trade payable turnover ratio.

Ratios of Profitability: operating ratio, profit, return on investment ratio, and also, gross profit ratio. 

Part- B Computerised Accounting

Although, the name of the unit- Computerised Accounting  

Although, let’s discuss a computerized accounting system 

Also, intro- Accounting application

Also, different features name of computerized accounting

CAS structure

Also, packages of software: charts, graphs, and diagrams 

Electronic spreadsheet accounting application

Electronic spreadsheet different features

Also, Generating general accounting information application: assets accounting, loan repayment of rescheduling loan, analysis of ratio.

Also, Representation of data- Diagrams, charts, and graphs. 

 Term-2 CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus 2021-2022 & The Distribution of Marks

Subject- Accounts, Code no.-055, Year- 2021-2022 

                     Class- 12th (XII)

Duration of exams- 90 minutes

Theory marks- 40 

UnitsTerm 2Marks
Part AAccounting for Not-For-Profit Organisations10
1Accounting for Partnership Firm12
2Retirement And Death Of A Partner
3Dissolution Of Partnership Firms
1Company Accounts: Accounting For Debentures08
Part BAnalysis of Financial Statement 
 Financial Statement of a Company
(i) Comparative And Common Size Statements
 Cash Flow Statement
 Computerized Accounting10
 Using Computerised Accounting System
Database Management System
 Total Theory40
  Project Work (Part -2)10

Tips to scoring the highest marks 

Tip- 1 Read Whole Question Paper Properly 

Before starting to write, every student should read the question paper at a given time properly.

Therefore, reading a question paper helps to analyze everything given in the question paper. 

Reading the question paper helps find out where you have started writing answers also, which answer takes more time to complete for the paper of accounts. 

Tip-2 Attempt Every Answer

Highlight the main points of the answer 

Always write question number before answering that question, for example- an explanation of question number 1. If some questions are divided into some parts, then complete those questions or answer those questions serially.  Although, to make the understanding clear, always leave 2-3 lines after the completion of one answer. However, attempting every question in exams reduces the chances of negative marking.

Tip-3 Way of Presentation & Proper Handwriting

Hence, the best you write, the best you get rank, always write clear and easy-to-understand answers. However, presentation matters the most, so present your every answer neatly and cleanly. Also, make sure that you highlighted the main points of every answer.

Tip-4 Make Proper Working Notes and Rough Work

Whenever is there any need to show working notes, then always show them neat and clean. Also, make sure that you are using a black and blue pen. However, the student can also use a pencil, if any mistake happens they can rewrite it easily.

However, do rough work on a separate or new sheet, don’t write anything on side space or on that page where you write answers. Whenever your exam is completed cut the page of rough work with a pencil.

Tip-5 Accounting Requirements and Formats

Although, for making a ledger account or balance sheet, always use a pencil. However, if any mistake happens, you can easily erase it and rewrite it.

Although, in the account subjects, always write Dr and Cr for debit and credit accounts and mention the symbols of Indian rupee, particulars.

Tip-6 Make Proper Balance Sheet 

Always make the side of both liabilities and assets equal. Also, make a neat and clean balance sheet that is easy to understand. Also, make sure that you are not wasting or investing more time in this process.

However, leave those questions for which you are not sure about the answer and solve these types of questions at the end. 

Although, always mention the answer number of every answer. Also, if there is a different part of one question then complete is sequence wise

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Therefore, this article explained the detailed timetable of class 12 accountancy term-1 and term-2 exams of 2021-2022. Also, we mentioned the best tips that every student needs to follow during the exam or before and after writing the answers. Therefore, every student must follow these tips for the completion of the whole paper. However, these tips will surely help every student to score the highest marks in exams. Therefore, follow all of these tips.

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